PCD Pharma Company in India – Indian pharmaceutical industry is fastest growing industry in world and it is also growing very fast in India. The pharma franchise business is at very high pace, new comers who want to start their own business are investing in pcd pharma franchise.

Start own PCD Pharma Company in India

Popularity of pcd pharma companies are increasing because of the business model of pcd pharma franchise in India follows. Pcd business model is not work in purely ethical way as other leading pharma companies are following for their business because ethical business model required big amount of money.

Steps to setup Pcd Pharma Company in India

Before starting a pcd pharma company you need to follow the steps to setup your business:

  1. Company name is first priority for starting a pcd pharma company, final the company name or brand name, while finalizing company name you must keep in mind that it should not match to any other brand or company name .
  2. Make a list of all molecules and compositions you want to bring in market also try that your brand name resemble the molecules and composition you use in your products.
  3. For starting a pcd pharma company is not compulsory to own a manufacturing unit all you need to find out best third party manufacturers of your selected product. You can search online for the best third party manufacture in India.
  4. Also decide the Premises and place for starting pharma company , the minimum 120 square feet area is required according to government rules. Because for setting up a business the space is very important part.
  5. Required Document and License are:
  • Pharma Products Manufacturing: Rs 25, 000 needed to be deposit.
  • Per product trademark or name: Estimated Expense – Rs 4500 (government fees + advocate fees respectively)
  • Drug License Number
  • Tax identification number (TIN)/CST/VAT
  • Company Registration
  • Trade Mark Registration
  • FSSAI Registration
  • ISO Certification
  1. While finalizing the product molecule and composition for placing order to third party manufacturer you must finalize the packaging and design material, because before products quality customer get attracted by the outer packing of the product .So it is very important that packing should be very good.
  2. The Pcd pharma company must be GMP  (Good  Manufacturing Practice) certified ,GMP is a standard is assurance of the quality of product . the company should be fulfilled the standard maintain by the company. It is mandatory for all pharma company to authorize the GMP of that country.