Managers who need to check their representatives’ Social Security Numbers can go to SSA’s Business Services Online. How to check Social Security Numbers of workers on BSO however?

The BSO is an online device that permits bosses to deal with different undertakings. Ordinarily utilized for documenting Forms W2 with the Social Security Administration, BSO offers substantially more than simply recording Forms W2. As a business, you can check representative Social Security numbers.

There are two different ways to confirm Social Security Numbers on the BSO. Albeit the primary technique is the thing that most managers will utilize which we will get into in a moment, the subsequent choice is more for companies with a great many workers.

First Method to Look Up Employee SSN

When you get to the BSO and register, you can look into representative Social Security Numbers by entering the worker names and SSNs up to 10 for each page. The online instrument will consequently confirm Social Security numbers. You will see whether a representative has furnished you with a bogus SSN. This an extremely advantageous approach to confirm Social Security numbers for independent ventures.

On the off chance that there are many Social Security numbers that you need to check, you likewise have the choice to transfer a book document that contains representative Social Security numbers and names. The device will confirm the Social Security numbers and the outcomes will be accessible typically in a couple of hours.

By checking the SSN of representatives along these lines, you will save a lot of time and can confirm up to 250,000 individual SSN and names in a solitary document.

As referenced over, this technique is better for enormous enterprises with many representatives.