Tourism is an important aspect for any nation. Every country is blessed with some great features that attracts and fascinates people from the rest of the world. Tourism involves promoting such strengths and beautiful aspects of a nation and making the best from it. No wonder that there are many nations in the world that are heavily reliant on tourism as a source of their income. 

Tourism is not a new concept. It has been in existence for ages across the globe. Be it for commerce, or pilgrimage, or with the zeal to explore new places, people have been moving from their place to another place. This has given a boost to what today we call tourism. 

One of the enthusiastic ways that we can beat our monotony of life is using tourism. Every one of us anticipates a beautiful trip with family, friends, or alone. Tourism, thus, promotes our well-being besides helping the growth of the economy of a nation. List of best India Tourism Facts

Here are some ways how tourism strengthens the economy of a country: 

Creates employment for lakhs of people: Tourism involves engaging foreigners and providing them with amenities at the tourist places. This necessitates the construction of residences, resorts, tourist guest houses, and many more. Cooks, guides, caretakers, travel agents, etc are some professions that are needed for these purposes. Thus, tourism creates employment opportunities for many people which is a beneficial aspect from an economic point of view.

Creates inflow of foreign money: International flight bookings and tour packages bookings etc. create an inflow of money for a nation from foreign sources. Besides, in many tourist places, the packages, entry fees, and other fees will be a little higher for foreign tourists from rich nations. This makes it feasible for the growth of the economy of the nation.

Creates a source of livelihood for locals: Foreigners get fascinated and attracted towards the local handicrafts. For instance, Indian pottery, handlooms, handicrafts, embroidery, terracotta, jute, and lac-made items, etc. are great attractions for foreigners. They buy them as souvenirs for their friends and family. Thus, tourism creates a livelihood for locals who live on handicrafts and man-based skills. This is a great way to provide a source of income to them as well as to promote the native heritage of the country.

Impacts real estate and local market: A place rich in tourism will experience a boost in real estate. Residences and tourist accommodation will create a rise in real estate prices. This impact also falls on the local markets and everything ranging from food to commuting will experience a rise in prices.

Impacts the infrastructure: Governments would want to showcase the tourist places with much-enhanced looks. Thus, they lay focus on roadways, railways, and the local roads, and amenities like water, hospitals, and other essentials. Thus, because of tourism the local infrastructure develops and the whole place gets a beautiful and revamped look.

Special events and festivals are added attractions for the economy: Events like Kumbh Mela, Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra, Tirumala Brahmotsavam, Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, etc. attract international tourists. They would not want to miss them and hence they make it a point to visit these events in person to experience their grandeur. Hence, such special occasions create an additional rush to tourism and thus bringing in more money in the form of taxes, tickets, and the local economy. 

Thus, tourism is a major potential for a country’s growth in terms of economy. It creates a flow in foreign income and shows a sustainable livelihood for locals. Tourism is a source of employment for millions of people ranging from airlines to local handicraft sellers. Thus, tourism is indispensable for a country’s economy.