Fitness is a proper part of your life. If you spend 4 days a week and do weight training, it is nothing less than a massive achievement, if you are a beginner. If you are at the fence, then the crowd would be the major hurdle for you to start. However, to get in shape, you need to get this fear out of your system.

Whether you do work out at home or at the gym, weight training is a must. It is probably a workout in itself. With weight training, using a weight bench is also important. However, make sure you have weight benches manufactured by reliable weight bench manufacturers.

Coming back to strength training…

Many women do not go for weight training because they thought adding weights in their workout plans would give them manly look. Luckily, gone are those days when women feel like this. However, still, there are some women who have negative feelings about weights and strength training.

Therefore, I have compiled these six reasons why every woman should add or continue doing weight training.

Top Six Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

Burns Calories and More Fat

Every female wants to get rid of fats and calories and that’s where weight training comes to the fore. As per, “an average woman who does strength training twice or thrice a week for consistent 8 weeks loses 3.5 pounds of fat and gains 1.75 pounds of lean muscle or weight.”

Cardio is undoubtedly an effective way; however, weight training is all you should stick to as your body inclines to get accustomed. Also, since fewer hormones are attached to females that cause men to bulk up, you do not need to leave weight training.

Want to throw away fats and calories, just add more weight to your training.

Tones Muscles

A desirable and lean female physique is a women’s weak point. Most females achieve that physique via some serious weight training in the gym or at home. While both cardio and weight training helps in burning fat, weight training also helps in shaping the muscles.

Look at the fitness models; especially the fitness influencers out there. I bet their major focus is on weight training (you can see their Instagram profiles). Major fitness enthusiasts’ physique tells what they do. So if you also want to imitate them, grab weights and go for tightening up!

Helps in Fighting Obesity

Adding muscles from weight training increases your metabolism; even when you are resting. So when you are not in a workout mode, your body still feels busy in steady fat burning but at a higher rate compared to when you did not lift weights.

For example, you have gained three pounds and burned 40 excess calories per pound from your training. It sums up as 120 calories per day and 3600 calories a month. All those excess calorie-burn equal pounds melted away. Those melted pounds can average somewhere 10 pounds in a year.

Fights and Prevent Osteoporosis

While toning of muscle is an external advantage linked with weight training, enhanced bone density is an internal advantage. Data have shown that, through weight training, you can increase the mineral density of your spinal bone by 13 percent in 6 months.

Thus, strength training is among the powerful tools against osteoporosis that most women should understand. We only carry one set of bones; therefore, women can certainly strengthen their bones through weight training.

Become Physically Stronger with Weight Training

With every day-to-day activity in which women take part, they can make their lives easy by gaining strength via weight lifting. Something as easy as shifting boxes from one place of the house to the other is a hassle but without extra strength, you can count this as weight training.

Thus, lifting groceries or your little ones won’t be as tough as with all the new muscle you gain. Start or add some weights to your training routine, it will surely do wonders for you!

Weight Training Makes You Mentally Stronger

With decreased body fat and increased muscle tone from the weight or strength training, you will love how you appear. There is hardly any semblance that ‘you look good you feel good.

Further, depression-like symptoms exist more in women than men; so, with weight training, those properties will get lower massively and can disappear in many cases.

Bottom Line

Either it’s men or women, we can all train in the same way or we can say that weight training is important equally for women as well. If you are sitting at the fence, it’s time to stop listening to misinformed people, media, and others who don’t even know what a dumbbell from quality adjustable dumbbells manufacturers is. Authentic information is the key, so get informed and lift those weights right now!