In today’s competitive world, more than 40 different management courses are available after the 12th. Some methods are since 1990, and few are emerging as per new market trends. As the market became more competitive, various courses occurred to simplify and streamline the work quickly. Based on students’ performance, they should select a management course based on four parameters, i.e., interest, career, opportunities, and growth.

If you are searching for a top management course after 12th and graduation in that case, management colleges in Chennai are the best optionyou visit the website to check the complete details about the colleges and then apply for admission. Below are some management courses that you can take enroll in.

Top 5 Management Courses to Enroll in after 12th:

  1. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 

The BBA is a three-year program course, and it is part of a management course. For pursuing BBA, the students need to qualify 12th and must have math as a background. There is a vast scope of BBA degrees in multiple business sectors.


The students need to score at least 50% in the 12th class.

Fees Structure

To complete BBA requires 3 to 5 lakh, and if you are pursuing a private college, then it can be more.


After completing the BBA course from Management College in Chennai, it offers ample opportunity in multiple sectors in India and abroad.

  1. BA Management Course

The Bachelor of management course is three years course after the 12th. The management course will ensure comprehensive awareness and understanding of the essence and context of business, primary management functions, and skills required for effective management in various companies. The students who complete the 12th class with eligible marks are eligible for this course.

  1. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

The Bachelor of management studies is three years course. It includes advanced analyses used in business and corporate firms and the foundation of human resource education, economics, and business studies. To complete these course students is required to pass 12th standard and English is compulsory.


The students need to pass with 50% that is compulsory for every college. In addition, the most university gets admission based on the entrance exam. Under this course, the candidate can learn research, planning, and developing procedures that ensure optimal companies performance.

Fees Structure

To complete this course, students need one and a half to two lakhs, and if students want to achieve from university or private institute, the fees can be probably high.


After completing this course, the students get opportunities in the private and government sectors, such as business development manager, business analyst, finance officer, banker, etc.

  1. Bachelor of Business Economics

Bachelor of business economics is three years course. The essential purpose of the study is to prepare students with knowledge about the corporate world and the financial sector. The system provided focus on a variety of dismal science research like macroeconomics and microeconomics. In business, there are various career and business-related opportunities, and this course helps the students to face all business challenges.


Candidates must score 55% in class 12th, and the students who belong to the reserved category are given 5% relaxation for admission to college in India.

  1. Bachelor of Business Studies

The Bachelor of business studies is three years management course after the 12th, and this course is related to completing management studies. This course amalgams all marketing, economic, financial, and workforce resources related to the economic situation.


The candidate is required 55 to 60% in the 12th class, and English subject is mandatory to get admission in this course.



Management experts are commonly able to land administrative roles in companies. The processing profile that one gets relies upon the specialization that one has been through. After completing management colleges in Chennai, jobs are offered in such regions of the field are- HR, Marketing, Finance, Production, and Material Management. Familiar places in which management experts may also find a job include- Business organizations, Industries, the Healthcare sector, Banks and Financial institutes, etc.