The trolleys have recently been added to the world of golf to keep a golfer focused during the game as well as to avoid other hazards such as fatigue and injury. It refers to articulated equipment that is capable of reducing stress by lifting a heavy golf bag weighing 30-40 pounds, along with other accessories, while rotating. The trolleys online ensures maximum convenience for golfers at the push of a button. As a result, remote control trolleys have become essential for serious golfers who no longer want to try hard for the sport.

If you are in Australia, it is important to know that not all trolleys are legal. This means that you need to check the selected trolley before investing in it. Due to the increase in demand, more such golf trolleys are being imported into the Australian Union. However, not all of them comply with Australian standards, which mean that non-compliance is illegal.

In order to market such a trolley legally, it needs to pass an exam called R&TTE. This test verifies that the trolley’s transmitter conforms to strict guidelines as well as Australian standards. This ensures that the transmitter is safe enough to operate without interfering with other gadgets or devices in its operating range. If this test is not passed, OFCOM has the right to ban trolleys as a dictatorial body in the Australia.

Another test that golf trolleys must pass is the EMC, which aims to examine the various mechanical parts of a trolley, including a power source, motor, power source and electrical equipment. If this test is passed, you (as a customer) can be sure that the product is safe, makes no electrical noise and does not interfere with other gadgets in the area.

In addition to these tests, trolleys need to meet further requirements to become a recognized Australian product. First, the transmitter and trolley must be properly labelled by a licensed retailer or wholesaler in the Australian Union. Such labelled packaging ensures that the product is certified for sale and use in the continental market.

Second, the declaration of compatibility document should always come with the product. This document contains all the details about the tests, such as where the trolley was tested. Helps to trace the trolley when needed. Remember, obtaining CE certification from a test house abroad does not make the product legal in Australian markets. So, make sure you have all the legal documents at the time of purchase.