slate tiles Sydney

Slate tiles, just like other tiles are an interesting choice for interior decoration. But unlike others, the process to install them is slightly different. Once you are ready with your stock of Slate Tiles in Sydney ordered from a Slate Tiles Supplier, you must follow the process given below to install them properly on your preferred surface.

Remove Flooring: Start by removing the baseboard trim around the area where you will install your tiles. Also make sure that you remove all the tacks and nails sticking out. Next step is to level the subfloor using a leveling compound and improve the surface. In case your wood subfloor happens to be thinner than 1/4th of an inch, then you must install another layer of 5/8th of an inch of plywood or cement board to give the slate a stable foundation. Then you must screw this sheet(s) into the subfloor every 8 inches. Clean the cement floor using tri-sodium phosphate. Prevent water damage by painting a coat of polyurethane on top of plywood subfloor.

Calculate Materials: Know the length and width of the tile you wish to install and the space you wish to tile using a construction calculator. Now, share requirement with the Slate Tiles Supplier. Obtains only those Slate Tiles in Sydney with suitable dimensions. It is generally advised that you order 5 per cent more of the normal requirement, as unforeseen breakages can then lead to unnecessary problems and make you re-order. Also buy a huge bag of quarter-inch spacers to keep your slat tiles well-spaced and grouted. Having mortar and grouting equipment in place. Unevenly matched tiles might demand that an adhesive be used to ensure a flat surface.

Laying Out Tiles: Do a dry run before actual installation to figure out where and how to adjust surface level and position your tiles. Use a piece of chalk to draw an ‘X’ mark throughout the space and as soon as the lines start crossing and create a 90-degree angle, even spaces can be checked out for. Now lay out your tiles using tile spacers to ensure even spacing and if a need to reposition them is felt, then cut tiles of even width that can be laid at either end to create symmetry. You must cut your Slate Tiles in Sydney using a diamond-blade wet saw or grinder or hacksaw with an abrasive blade.

Install Tiles: Now comes the stage to install those slate tiles you bought from your Slate Tiles Supplier. Begin installing them with that section of the space farthest from the door using a slate tile adhesive or thinset mortar mixed with acrylic. If need be, buy a mixing attachment to use with the power drill to ensure that the thinset mixes more thoroughly. Remove excess mortar from the tiles using water and sponge and now begin applying the thinset or adhesive by placing mortar down within a section of the chalk line. Groove the thinset in the same direction and set spacers between tiles at either end of the tile. Use a damp sponge to remove thinset dropping onto the tile before it dries and scrape extra mortar from edges. Leave finished slate tiles like that before beginning to grout.

Summary: Following this process to install your slate tiles will result in them being installed on your preferred surface successfully.