The first time when you came across a Turquoise gemstone, I am sure you would have got lost in the magic it holds. It has a simple, obvious story and has been a cherished piece of the past. This stunning gem has played a significant role in jewelry fashion habits in recent times and even in the world’s major civilizations.

From the ancient Persians to the Egyptians to the Native Americans, its enchanting blue hues with rich varieties of brown and black veining have made people’s hearts skip a beat. The mesmerizing texture and the matrix give it a daunting look giving a discerning lover a sight to see and admire.

Let’s discover specific facts about these gemstones to get a better understanding.


These semi-precious gem turquoise are designated a birthstone for December, along with Zircon and Tanzanite. They have made a solid presence throughout history and have been discovered in practically every corner of the globe. Here are some historic, widespread things about Turquoise to explore.

The Official Name in the Gem World

The rich, vibrant appearance of pure Turquoise is so appealing to the eye that it has been ordained and got the tag and color in itself. Unlike the other gems in the market, these gems have been given the highest regard and honored with the privilege that no other gemstone in the world has. Its most remarkable feature is instantly recognizable and perfectly versatile to be in the kind of accessory that you can pull with almost any outfit.

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The Different Color Variations of Turquoise

The most loved pieces of Turquoise with the greenish hue are from the Himalayan ground in which the Tibetan miners mine them. These pieces of Tibetan Turquoise are world-famous and are highly desirable. Conversely, the gemstones from the Persia and Egyptian mines are bluer in color with less obvious veining, which are the designer’s favorite.

With the contrasting features, these gemstone looks stunning when formed in turquoise rings giving the exuberant shine to the outfit when teamed along.

The Sky Stone of the Nepalese and the Tibetan People

Turquoise has been believed to be the stone of heaven by the rich cultures of the Himalayan people For over thousands of years. The hues of Turquoise built a faith that it would bring protection to everyone.

While in Tibet, people gifted Turquoise to their children to keep them safe during the journey of life.

The Color Changing Turquoise

The ancients had a firm belief that Turquoise could change its color when impending danger surrounds them. Therefore, they believed that wearing Turquoise would help with the protection.

Although in the most recent times and with the sound understanding, it came to the light that exposure to direct sunlight, cosmetics, and heat can change the color of Turquoise.

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