Abacus is an ancient tool for calculation that has now been incorporated in several educational institutes across the world. If you search for what is abacus, you will find interesting answers. It was initially used for performing mathematical calculations for all age groups and is now used for developing calculation skills in children. 

Even though it is an ancient tool, it has proven to enhance children’s cognitive abilities. Researchers have shown that abacus learning results in sharper and more proficient brain development. You might be wondering what abacus is and how to use it! 

What is an abacus? 

Abacus is an instrument usually made of wood and simple beads. Arithmetical calculations such as subtraction, multiplication, addition, and division can be solved on an abacus, by simply moving the beads attached to the instrument. Unlike the calculations that children do on laptops and computers, the abacus provides a more visual representation of the arithmetical problem. 

The abacus helps growing children develop the skill of representing the problem in the brain in a pictorial manner. Through regular practice, the child’s brain will learn to solve mathematical problems without using any tool, including the abacus. All in all, it is an excellent instrument to develop photographic memory in budding children. 

The difficulty level of the abacus

The abacus is not a difficult tool when children learn to use it efficiently. Similar to exercising daily, the abacus also is an exercise for the brain to keep it sharp and fit. Since the instrument does not use technology, it can seem difficult in the initial learning phases. Once you learn how to use an abacus it becomes simpler. 

Is abacus learning necessary? 

Abacus learning might be necessary for your children because in this growing age of technology, they are becoming more dependent on calculators. Even when solving basic arithmetical problems, the use of calculators will deprive them of the opportunity to use their brain as a mental calculator. 

Learning abacus can make them naturally sharpened and swift from an early age. Studies have also shown that children with abacus knowledge achieve greater academic performance and have a higher concentration level. 

Reasons to make your children learn it

It is a competitive digital era where every child needs the proper education to find their hidden potentialities. Abacus can help children dig them out. 

  • It improves concentration by activating the child’s right hemisphere of the brain. Abacus is known as the concentration center. Abacus learning can make them more attentive and focused. 
  • Abacus improves your child’s listening ability because it needs them to listen to the problems for doing calculations correctly. 
  • It improves logical thinking and retains memory power in your children once they learn how to use an abacus. This is because the abacus requires them to improve their memory and pictographic examination skills. 


Abacus is proven to help children overcome the phobia of mathematics. Now that you know the answer to the question, ‘what is abacus’ and how it is useful for children in their formative years, you can get them trained right away.