The Ahrefs Group is changing the game when it comes to Internet marketing. There are many things that are starting to change with Internet marketing. For example, Google Places is changing, which forces businesses to adapt. However, SEO has always been about trying to make the best use of keywords in your area of expertise. Is Ahrefs going to change it’s plans?

One of the reasons that SEO has been so successful is that every business knows that if they want to be found they have to have a great website. So if an SEO Group Buy Plan was put in place this plan is probably already in place. However, one thing that is beginning to change is that many businesses are now starting to realize that the best way to get traffic and to drive up the ranking of their site is to purchase their own custom web traffic. The idea behind this is to make the site more attractive and appealing so that people will want to come back to the site over again.

Is Ahrefs still going to change it’s plans?

No one can say for sure what the future holds for Group Buy SEO Tools, but with Google changing how it rankings sites there are going to be changes. By purchasing the traffic that a SEO Group would then be able to drive directly to the businesses’ site there is a much better chance that the business site will rank higher and more importantly, stay ranked higher. So is the idea of an SEO Group Buy Plan still something that is being considered?

It might sound strange that an SEO Group would want to invest money into buying their own traffic but in reality this actually makes a lot of sense. Imagine if the SEO Group that you hired for your business site had to rely on PPC to stay in business. They could spend thousands of dollars a month on PPC or hire several other companies to help them get that position. If they were to invest that kind of money into their own traffic source they most likely would not be in business very long. So why would they do anything different? They have to do whatever they can to make money and if the SEO Group buy bought their own traffic they would be able to continue to generate income without having to rely on outside sources.

What can be the Answer

So is Ahrefs going to change its plans and hire individuals to work solely for their company? There is no way to tell for sure what Ahrefs plan is going to be but the most likely answer is yes. They need qualified individuals working for them and they are going to need to rely on proven techniques and methods. SEO can be a very competitive field and if you rely on one method to gain a majority of the online traffic you are going to be at a real disadvantage when compared to a business who has access to several different options. Ahrefs is going to continue to be a competitive business and they will continue to need as many individuals who understand what they are doing as possible.

New Business Initiative

Ahrefs also has a new business initiative and this could be a turning point for the company. Ahrefs has always focused on diversifying their offerings and this will probably continue to be their focus moving forward. By offering programs such as SEO, Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Ahrefs is giving themselves a much larger piece of the pie in a very competitive field. The more options they offer the better and this could turn some people off, especially those who are not familiar with these types of solutions.

What if Ahrefs is going to hire an individual solely to execute their search engine strategy? Well there is good news and there is bad news with this. The bad news is they are going to have to do it themselves. Ahrefs is providing the SEO group with the traffic and the training they need in order to implement their strategy on a daily basis. The upside is that the employees will already know how to effectively promote Ahrefs and because everyone is going to be using the same formula to market Ahrefs once the program is live, it will make things easier for the SEO team.

Will Ahrefs change its plans?

There is no guarantee but they have already mentioned that in the past that they are looking at diversifying and I think that is a very wise decision for the company. If these changes are not made Ahrefs may still become the dominant force in the Network Marketing industry, but one thing is for sure if they do change their mind and decide to pursue an individual based option in the near future they are going to have competition.