Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. Women need to be careful of several things. They need to consider all the options before making a decision; especially ones related to the body. It is because, during pregnancy, the female body is highly sensitive and fragile. Pregnant women must be careful in every step they take. We don’t want you to take a step that could potentially cause harm to you or your baby.

1.0 Airbrush tanning during pregnancy

spray tan

Summers bring out the beach vibes in us. If you are a coast lover, you immediately start craving your summer tan look as soon as the season comes around the corner. But pregnant ladies need to take care of themselves. You can consider airbrush tanning to fulfill your wishes. Now I know what question popped up in your mind when I mentioned airbrush tanning – Is airbrush tan safe during pregnancy? Not to worry, because that is all we will be talking about below as you read on.

1.1 Is it safe? 

Generally, airbrush tanning when you are pregnant is safe. You should also be aware of a few other factors and trust your judgment on the same. UV-free tanning can concur with several other methods as well. Rather, some are safer than airbrush tanning and are encouraged more if you are pregnant. It is completely up to you if you wish to choose airbrush tanning for yourself!

1.2 DHA

  • Dihydroxyacetone, DHA, is a chemical found in self-tanners, and airbrush tanners. It is a long word which only sounds dangerous, which in reality, it is not as much.
  • When it develops, DHA is responsible for the tint which an airbrush tan or a spray tan adds to your skin. During the initial hours of the development period, the DHA gets absorbed in the first few layers of the skin after you have paid a visit to one of your tanning salons or applied a self-tanner. Because of the cell turnover, the airbrush tan starts fading when those layers of your skin are shed eventually by the body.
  • If you are wondering about the negative side effects of having DHA on your skin often, you need not worry unless you are allergic to it. It is because the potential side effects of DHA on your body have not been scientifically proven yet. 
  • Although, during an airbrush tanning procedure, inhaling the fumes that contain the DHA may prove harmful for your lungs. It can affect the baby as well, so you must pay extra care when you are pregnant. Therefore, you must avoid inhaling tan fumes while getting airbrush tanning when you are pregnant. 
  • It goes without saying, but you must not swallow your spray tan. Since there is no scientific proof, it is best to avoid swallowing something that must not be inhaled. The chemicals may prove to have a more negative effect than you might have had if you had inhaled the fumes.

Be that as it may, it is always best to consult your doctor or any medical expert first. Side effects or no side effects, it is relevant that you get a professional opinion that can provide you with assurance on your decision to opt for airbrush tanning.

1.3 Organic Spray tan or Non-organic spray tan?

Usage of organic products is quite a trend these days. Organic products having natural ingredients in them make them reassuring, and hence easier for selection. People are less hesitant in choosing an organic product when the quality is in question. After mentioning the chemical-induced airbrush tanning procedure, you must have thought of organic spray tans. 

Full disclosure, organic and non-organic spray tans do not inhibit much of a difference in them. The manufacturing of the ‘organic’ spray tan might differ from one brand to another. It is because the definition of an ‘organic’ product is not quite precise. Therefore, it is best to always see the ingredient list with your own eyes and make your decision accordingly.

There are very few organic airbrush tanners that do not contain DHA, hence you will not be hesitant in choosing them since you will have no side effects to be wary of. There might be a similar ingredient in the airbrush that shall be a replacement for the DHA. Hence, you must be careful in selecting the ones that do not contain DHA. You might go through some other side effects because of that component later on. Better be safe than sorry.

2.1 Airbrush tanning during breastfeeding

The rules for using airbrush tanners whilst pregnant apply the same way while breastfeeding. Airbrush tanners are safe during breastfeeding. Although you must make sure that you do not take a breather while tanning. You are certainly not allowed to swallow it either. 

Avoid using airbrush tanners in those areas where your baby touches you during breastfeeding; the nipple area, and the surrounding area on your breasts. For external use, the spray tan does no damage. But the baby should not swallow the product. Airbrush tans are not meant for swallowing. The chemicals in the airbrush tan can prove to be harmful to your baby. Hence, you should avoid airbrush tanning during breastfeeding.

It is best if you consult a medical expert or a doctor for the same during breastfeeding. They shall provide you with a professional opinion and will guide you to pick the best for you and the baby. We should leave such matters in the hands of the experts.

3.0 Alternate tanning options you can look out for apart from airbrush tanning

Of course, there are more options to consider. Several alternate tanning methods are available apart from airbrush tanning. As you dig deeper, you may realize some of them are safer options than airbrush tanning, especially during pregnancy. Some might be more convenient and easy to use.

3.1 Sunbathing

Baby belly or no baby belly, sunbathing is a big no. UV rays hitting you directly can have damaging effects on the first layer of your skin. It is not as convenient as airbrush tanning either. So, why not opt for UV free tanning instead!

3.2 Self-tanner


Mists, lotions, and mousses are popular self-tanning options. Pregnant women might like to consider these as they don’t contain nasty and harmful fumes that can cause side effects on inhaling. Although it is a “self-tanner”, you might want to ask someone for help. There are certain areas where you cannot and must not try to reach during pregnancy to avoid situations uncalled for. 

To conclude

Airbrush tans are safe to use during pregnancy if done with appropriate precautions. Your next step when you decide on getting an airbrush tan is to pick your perfect level. When you follow up on what is mentioned above, you will face no hindrances in spray tanning during pregnancy. Even during breastfeeding, you will not face problems. 

Fundamentally speaking, it all comes down to the advice by medical experts, as well as your judgment.