Windows 10 Preactivated is the latest Microsoft version and by default is the largest and most amazing operating system. As before, Microsoft offers different versions of the system with slightly different specifications. One of these versions is Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Pro is a special version of Windows 10 that includes all the basic functions and features of the latest Microsoft OS. It has a beautiful design based on traditional Microsoft visual solutions, which gives better performance and aesthetic impression. It continues the trend that began in Windows 8 by expanding online access and synchronization. Although online access and tracking are outdated, regular updates with quick effects are not a bad thing. All versions of Windows 10 come with Microsoft Virtual Assistant Cortana, which allows you to make calendar entries, take dictations, open applications and local files, search the web, and provide directions, all with voice commands. Sensor compatibility has also been significantly updated. However, the most welcome change is the return of the menu, which was launched in a modern updated format. Finally, the latest versions of standard Microsoft accessories, such as a new Office with extended functionality and a new Edge browser to replace IE, have been released. But the most beautiful addition, of course, is a digital assistant called Cortana.

The features of Windows 10 Preactivated are of interest to power consumers and business people. The advanced security features of the Pro versions are particularly suitable. BitLocker encryption tool is part of a professional version of Windows. In addition to improved security, you can access remote desktop support, virtualization, Group Policy Management, and access to the Windows 10 business store. Finally, Microsoft claims to offer Assigned Access 8.1, Enterprise Data Protection, and Windows Update for Business.

Windows 10 Pro is probably the most serious and hard version of Windows 10. This works well for people in need and is good enough for general users who no longer use it as regular Windows.

Is it safe to install a Windows 10 pre-activated?

Microsoft does not provide pre-enabled Windows. Therefore, all pre-enabled Windows is a pirated version of Windows, and it is completely illegal to steal Windows os. Therefore, the use of pre-activated Windows is not recommended, because it is illegal and sometimes accompanied by malware and keylogger.