It is the study of crime and perpetrators’ books for offense and thereby delivering justice within the ambit of the law. It is a branch of Sociology which primarily deals with the behavior of human being within the scope of an organization. Furthermore, it is also in association with other branches of study namely, philosophy, anthropology, biology, and psychology.


Crime does not pay. Does it hold water?

Many of you remember the word “Crime does not pay”. In tune with that Criminal Law arises out from criminal offense. As a consequence, criminal punishment which establishes by the statutory law that is equivalent to the proportion of the severity of the crime committed. It is really complex when the criminal proceedings subsume multiple charges and defendants. With the rapid changes in the realm of socio-economic, crimes are leapfrogged. Many a time, the culprit enjoys impunity after committing the crime. The chinks of law have to be cemented otherwise the entire exercise of punishing the offenders goes down to drain.


Why students are their wit’s end?

Many students desire to be a Criminal Lawyer and subsequently take Criminal Law as their major subject. The prospects of this discipline are very promising. But, there is a caveat which concerns the students to a great extent. Some of the possible points are stated below to justify students’ academic predicament.

  • The academic commitments are so hectic that they hardly get any time to prepare for the assignment. These virtually leave them high and dry.
  • The academic classes are hopelessly inadequate and as a result, the basic idea about the subject remains nascent.
  • Nevertheless, the professors who assign the assignment to the students are very taciturn.
  • Problems start brewing because of their uncommunicativeness.
  • The dreaded deadline often breaths fire into their necks. This has compounded their problems to a great extent.
  • Authenticate resources are the solid impediments for the students.
  • The newfangled crazy of the students have considerably changed the equation of academic perspective. Students are no longer confined to the classroom rather they venture out of tasting the real-world situation. Put simply, they want to satisfy their academic quest along with a part-time job at the same time.


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