Jignesh Barasara is a renowned business entrepreneur and is the CEO of Alpha MD, situated in Mumbai Maharashtra. He has listed out various effective measures for the establishment of a successful business. He has greatly emphasized how to strike a great business communication. Measures introduced by Jignesh Barasara are listed as follows:-

Jignesh Barasara Business Conversation Skills:-

Jignesh Barasara successful entrepreneurs First impressions, like other areas of life, play a vital role in the business world as well and communication is one of the most important aspects of making a great start. When it comes to business, communication skills can be the ice breaker. It can make/break your career. Unfortunately, when it comes to communication skills, we limit the boundaries only up to words, but it encompasses way beyond that. it comprises of various other factors such as:-

  • Body Language:- Body language says a lot about you and your approach towards other personal communication. Direct eye contact and straight body posture assure the other person that you are focusing on them. However, sitting crossed arms and tapping on the table can leave a negative imprint, stating that you are just waiting for the conversation to end.
  • Emotion Control:- When it comes to something which is both important and stressful, at times certain situations/people can get on your nerves, this is where you need to calm your nerves. Go slow, follow the global formula of deep breathing. Remember how athletes set their minds only on goals, consider the same for yourself. Keep a clear mind as a clear mind results in great focus and makes a positive impact.
  • Be Positive:- Your business ideas are your baby first, so you need to nurture them with belief and positivity. When you are communicating your business ideas to others, you need to discuss in length the cans and not the can’t. At times, you may have to take your idea via a completely different route. The way you communicate, your choice of words, and how positive you are about the success of your ideas, marks a huge impression on others. You need to be a problem solver to get your ideas accepted.
  • Active Listening:- This is the most key aspect of business communication. We have heard a lot about it, but it is not only limited to listening, it also encompasses comprehending what the other person has to convey. Being social beings, we all have something to say and we think our viewpoints are the best. However, listening to what others say, needs practice. One of the best techniques that can set you off the ground is, whenever someone is talking to you, at the end of the conversation, you can acknowledge the same by reiterating. This will give an assurance to the other person that his voice was heard and will instil a feeling of respect. This practice will also present you as a good listener.
  • Email Etiquettes:- Email plays a major role in business communication. Unlike phone or face to face interaction, the other person can not be heard or seen, this chooses words and ways of representation much more important while drafting an email. Always make sure that you proofread your emails, before sending them. Don’t add unnecessary recipients. Keep it as short and as precise as you can. Make sure you include an appropriate summary of the email in the subject line. While writing mails, be specific about which and what call needs to be actioned. In case of follow up emails, stick with one email thread. This would help your recipient to retain the context of the original email, hence things would better be synced.