There are far too many options available in the market for entertaining children. ‘Kids toys’ is a mind-boggling world that, once entered, overwhelms you to the point where you can’t find your way out. So, as parents, how do we choose something that is both fun and useful for our children? 

We all realize that each child has his own unique way of participating in activities. What excites one child may not pique the interest of another. This is where activity boxes can save a parent’s life.

What are activity kits?

Activity kits are typically designed to include a variety of play-based, fun-learning activities for children to do at home or at school. Each box typically consists of either theme-based or STEAM-based activities (theme-based for children under the age of six and STEAM-based for children over the age of six) designed by a team of child experts, designers, academics, and artists.

The box is also meticulously designed and assembled by experts who ensure that the activities are not only stimulating and entertaining but also age-appropriate. These boxes assist your children in meeting developmental milestones and satisfying their thirst for knowledge in the five critical developmental areas.

An activity box for kids solves a number of parenting issues and provides games for children that are safe, age-appropriate, play-based, educational, engaging, and fun. That’s quite a few, isn’t it? They also do something that all parents wish they had time to do – they assist children in overcoming developmental challenges, focusing on the significant developmental areas, and passing developmental milestones with flying colours.

5 Benefits of an Educational Toy

  1. Improve Fine Motor Skills: Fine motor skills involve the coordination of small muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists in order to perform precise movements and tasks. Activities involve play dough, building blocks, puzzles, or puppets help develop fine motor skills and a neat pincer grip.
  2. Creativity & Imagination: In the learning framework of the 21st century, creativity is defined as one of the key skills. The skill is about coming up with new ideas and turning them into something tangible. It frequently necessitates being inventive, resourceful, innovative, and imaginative. We all have creative abilities; they only need to be developed. 
  3. Hand-Eye Coordination: Hand-eye coordination refers to the ability to coordinate information received through the eyes with hand movements in order to complete a task. To be successful, hand-eye movement requires several things to happen at the same time. The brain then instructs the muscles to move to a specific location. To complete tasks, the muscles control the movement of the fingers or hands. 
  4. Auditory and Visual Processing: Vision and sound are two primary senses that assist us in absorbing information from our surroundings. Visual and auditory processing skills help children not only obtain but also process and organize information in their brains, as well as interpret what they see. This is not a skill that children are born with; it must be learned and developed. 
  5. Develop Social Skills: Social skills are the foundation for positive relationships. It teaches children how to initiate, build, and maintain positive interactions with others, as well as how to understand and manage their own emotions and feelings.

How Does The Genius Box Activity Kit Assist My Child?

Genius Box kits and activities with educational toys for kids of all ages encourage kids to communicate, share, play and learn naturally.

The products are intended to- 

  • Provide a diverse range of multidisciplinary learning opportunities.
  • Boost the creativity and curiosity of the child. 
  • Assist in the development of socio-emotional skills.
  • Improve your reading and language skills.
  • Encourage self-expression and confidence building.
  • Develop logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.
  • Facilitate the development of cognitive and motor skills
  • Improve your vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Improve your concentration and critical thinking abilities.
  • Make home learning enjoyable, varied, and stimulating.