People who need to travel on business frequently have to have the very best possible travel experience. Thus, many men and women find travel rewards credit cards and airline miles charge cards. These cards may provide convenient perks while additionally allowing travelers to earn rewards for spending less on traveling. In case your business spends an important quantity of money on travel every year, it simply makes sense to get access to an airline credit card that can reward you.

Businesses that fly through Southwest Airlines will enjoy the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card. This card can give you significant rewards and many interesting perks. If you wish to get miles to utilize at Southwest Airlines, then this might be the best possible alternative for your business. Nevertheless, there are lots of travel rewards credit cards out there which can be very rewarding, so that you are going to want to take time to think about your alternatives.

Join us as we have a peek at this charge card from each angle. We’re going to examine the characteristics, advantages, rewards program, plus even more. This gives you a great idea of whether this credit card will be the ideal match for your business. Continue reading and start looking into each of the necessary details.

Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card Fees

Knowing just how much a credit card will cost you is a significant part of determining if it will be compatible with your business. This card will have a yearly fee of 99, which you’ll need to contend with. It’s not quite as large as the luxury travel charge card alternatives for businesses, so that it shouldn’t bother most folks. This fee drops in an acceptable range for companies looking to gain access to a trusted airline credit card which may earn rewards at a nice pace.

Another favorable aspect you ought to notice is this charge card doesn’t have any overseas transaction fees. This is ideal for businesses that must travel abroad frequently. If your business excursions see you touring beyond the nation occasionally, then you’ll not ever need to worry about paying some particular fees because of overseas trades. It makes it more sensible to use your credit card if it’s necessary.

The APR of the card is usually fine. This isn’t going to be a too large APR card, but it isn’t exceptionally low. Your business will probably be familiar with the APR with this card, and it shouldn’t cause any difficulties. Should you have to carry a balance on this particular credit card, then it won’t be a dreadful burden or anything. Visit Southwest Wanna Get Away Flights and find best vacation packages to make your travel easier.

Characteristics of this Southwest RR Premier Business Card

One good quality which will help make this card tantalizing for prospective cardholders is your signup bonus. Many credit cards offer you signup bonuses; therefore, this isn’t so unusual. Why is this deal worth noting is? It is rather simple to get. For spending a fair bit of cash within the first three weeks of being a cardholder, you may make a massive chunk of reward points. Points may be used to reserve flights and will instantly allow you to cancel that yearly fee.

To improve this, Southwest will provide you a tiny yearly bonus each time your card anniversary comes around. Cardholders are awarded 6000 bonus points each anniversary, and also the entire value of those points will probably come close to paying for this yearly fee. It makes it rewarding for a cardholder and will be quite a practical quality that you like during the years. This is a fairly interesting perk that Southwest uses their important travel charge cards and ought to be ideal for your business.

Benefits of this Southwest RR Premier Business Card

There are a few pretty large advantages to this particular credit card that may appeal to your business. The most sought-after advantage is the companion pass. In case you have not discovered it, Southwest Airlines includes a company pass app that allows one individual to fly free each time you redeem your points for a trip or buy one. This isn’t a mechanical advantage you will have access to, even however.

To deserve the privilege of the amazing perk, you will need to make 110,000 points in a calendar year. As soon as you meet the qualifications, then you’ll have the ability to make the most of this company pass during the following calendar year. Most businesses will easily attain 110,000 points annually, provided that they travel often. This usually means you could fly two workers out on business for the purchase price if you are redeeming your points.

You also won’t need to put up with almost any blackout dates. Being able to redeem your points for flights on any day will be useful for your business. You’ll have the ability to fly when it is an active period of the year for traveling. It keeps you in charge of how and if you would like to use your own rewards points.