The secret of the success of great companies lies in having an effective team, a close-knit team of employees who are united by common values ​​and mission. By building correct relationships with employees, you make an invaluable contribution to the prosperity of your business.

Detailed job descriptions, the rules of communication between employees at all stages of performance of labor duties are the key to stability and efficiency in the company’s activities.

The norms  are outdated. In the modern world, completely different models of legal regulation of relations with employees are used.

Real assistance to a businessman, company manager, employer can be provided by a labor law lawyer who is guided  by the latest court practice and has experience in developing organizational and legal documentation for a company. The help of such a lawyer with new views will save the business owner’s budget, nerves and time.

Why should a business seek the help of a labor lawyer?

Often, the reasons for labor conflicts and disputes that destroy a favorable climate in the team and reduce the efficiency of work, the reputation of the business as a whole, lie in the absence of clearly defined rules and norms for employees.

Competent lawyers  recommend immediately eliminating this potential source of conflict situations. We are ready to help you with the development of all the necessary corporate documentation.

Business owners have received more legal means to protect their interests. According to the legislative innovations, the business owner has the right to claim compensation for damage caused by hired managers. Such cases are considered in the economic court, and not in the court of general jurisdiction.

From now on, not only legal entities, but also the owners of these legal entities, subject to ownership of 10% or more shares or authorized capital, can apply to the economic court.

In judicial practice, there are precedents for making decisions on the recovery of damages from directors. There are no limits on the amount of recovery. Read more at

Statistics show that in most cases, the court takes the side of the employee, based on the low level of his legal protection. In practice, this “weakness” of workers is often quite expensive for the employer. The court can not only reinstate the employee in office, but also award compensation for the entire period of the case being in court, for example, compensation for the time of “forced” truancy. An employer can win a labor dispute only if he has an impeccable and carefully considered legal position.

Such an advantage can only be provided by a good labor lawyer. The absence of any of the evidence, another seemingly insignificant detail may well become a justification for making a decision in favor of the employee. There are no trifles in such matters!

How can a labor lawyer  help with a problematic dismissal of an employee?

In the process of dismissing an employee, it is necessary to strictly observe all the norms  of labor laws relevant to a particular case . Any small oversight in the future can turn into serious trouble. 

Experts  invite business owners, company executives to consult a lawyer on labor law. You will be able to learn about the correct procedure for collecting evidence in case of conflict with an employee. In particular, we are talking about the timely and correct recording of the facts of violations of the labor schedule.

A properly executed dismissal will allow you to avoid future problems and the payment of monetary compensation, which will adversely affect your business. If you are unsure about some points, do not let the case take its course, contact our lawyer who specializes in supporting problematic employee layoffs.

Do not miss important details, observe the correctness when dismissing the heads of the company’s divisions, top managers who have access to the client base and possess information that constitutes a trade secret. Such former employees can cause great damage to the reputation and financial condition of the company.

If, in the process of preliminary negotiations with the employee who is subject to dismissal, you have not reached a compromise, it is advisable to use legal assistance to the employer in labor disputes from the company as soon as possible .

If necessary, the specialist will prepare the necessary documents for the trial, find the relevant evidence, obtain testimony, and effectively protect the interests of the company in court. The competence of a lawyer to resolve disputes related to the dismissal of employees will help to avoid negative consequences.

What benefits does a labor lawyer provide to an employer in the event of an audit?

The last years of checking the state. company bodies regarding compliance with labor legislation pose a serious threat of material damage in the form of penalties, in particular – fines.

Good insurance against the negative consequences of an audit is the order in the company’s documentation. An indicative package of documents includes:

  • Internal labor regulations
  • Information security and personal data regulations
  • HR documentation (timesheets, staffing, vacation schedule, orders for personnel)
  • Job description for each employee
  • Full liability agreement
  • Labor protection regulations and instructions

Each employee must have an employment contract, job description, personal card, a copy of a passport, a liability agreement, in some cases – an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

What legal services in labor matters can be provided to employers?

The support of the employer by a lawyer plays a significant role in the observance of labor discipline by employees. Most of the disagreements between the employer and the employee are the result of the lack of a clearly defined organizational and legal policy of the company (in particular, job descriptions, regulations, checklists).

Based on the results of such an audit, weaknesses in communications with employees will be identified. Comprehensive development of rules, regulations, instructions by our specialists will allow your business to become a powerful machine, where all parts and assemblies work harmoniously.

In addition, we conduct an audit of formalized relationships with business partners and contractors. If necessary, we give clear recommendations to minimize possible risks in these legal relations.

Simply put, you get a scheme by which you optimize your business.

The services of a labor lawyer for employers cover the following areas:

  1. Lawyer consulting.
  2. Legal audit of organizations, enterprises.
  3. Support in resolving labor conflicts and disputes.
  4. Legal support during labor inspections.
  5. Development of the organizational policy of the company.
  6. Development and verification of internal documents (orders, dismissals, translations, contracts, job descriptions).
  7. Consulting on the dismissal of management, staff reduction.
  8. Assistance in pre-trial dispute settlement.
  9. Acquaintance with the case, legal assessment of evidence.
  10. Formation of a legal position and a strategy for conducting a case to resolve a labor dispute.
  11. Preparation of statements of claim (reviews, objections) and other legal documents for going to court.
  12. Representation and protection of the client’s interests in court.