There are various packaging companies out there who are selling custom soap boxes in a great ratio. But the same repeated designs are getting boring now. So, if you are wondering that your sales are not going that effective as you have planned them to be.

Then read this blog post to bring innovation to your soap boxes designs.

The trending soap boxes are tedious. Most of the brands even don’t place enough text on the soap boxes. If your boxes are lacking text then it’s a big turn-off for your users, because they like to read all the specifications written on the soap boxes before buying them.

Adopt the following innovatory ideas to transform your custom soap packaging:

Select the Material of the Box Carefully

Without selecting the material carefully your brand cannot get successful. So, the material should be your main concern in order to promote your brand. If you will choose the low-quality material it will definitely not accept the printing process that effectively and your brand will end up considering of low quality.

So, for your soap boxes choose the cardstock material boxes. The cardstock material is affordable and also accepts the printing artwork elegantly. The cardstock material is enough efficient to absorb the various inks. It keeps the standard of your brand raised.

soap boxes

By having the cardstock material boxes you don’t have to worry about the quality of the soap box.

Don’t go for selecting the plastic boxes. These boxes look really ugly and convey the message that you don’t care for the environment to the customer. This message can decrease your sales. So, that’s why go for selecting the eco-friendly hair extension boxes that you don’t have to worry about the fewer sales.

Add Details

Detailing out is the most important aspect of branding and breaking the boredom. You cannot just place the plain soap boxes within the market. As you have to detail out everything on the packaging.

You can type the category of the soap initially, for instance, if it is a fairness soap just write it and below that write some words which carry weightage about your product. Because when a customer holds the packaging, he or she will not give more than a few seconds to study your product.

So, type the most interesting and effective information on the front side of the soap box packaging.  For example, after specifying that it is a fairness soap then write that your soap is dermatologically tested and add a stamp of it. Then specify the efficiency of your soap through an icon. Like you can create an infographic with circular arrows showing that you soap cleanse, protect and moisturize the skin.

The infographic will not take much space on the front side of the box and you will nicely convey all the information about the soap’s effectiveness to your customers.  Moreover, do mention the major ingredients of the soap.

For instance, in the first text line of the packaging you can type fairness soap, and in the second line write with vitamins B3 and C. Like this you will be able to specify the ingredients as well. And don’t forget to mention the name of your brand as the first text of your packaging.

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Illustration is Must

If you have added all the text without adding any graphics or images even then your packaging cannot be that successful. If you are ready to make your brand successful then you have to embed outstanding graphics on the soap boxes packaging in high quality. Many soap companies out there feel that after just mentioning the text in plain solid color the boxes are ready to be marketed.

But, don’t forget that the outer packaging is the first thing people get attracted to. So, draw illustrations and attractive graphics on the outer packaging of the soap boxes to grab the maximum attention within the market.

For instance, if you are selling fruit soaps such as coconut water and melon soap then simply illustrate a splash of coconut water on the packaging along with the image of half melon. And to follow the illustration add the caption “Invigorating melon and coconut water for fresh skin” As melon is yellow in color, select the blue color of the box background so, yellow can look highlighted on the box to create an outstanding appearance.

If you want to be innovatory in soap internal design as well, then just shape your internal placed soap in melon shape.  However, this shape will look fabulously attractive to your customers.

Do Add The Social Icons

Do add the social icons on your custom soap boxes, so people can learn more about your brand. For instance, go for adding the infographics of the social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or wherever your brand has a page or account just specify on the soap boxes to gain the loyalty of the customers.

Moreover, do specify the name of your website on your boxes and invite your users to comment and rank your soap boxes by logging in to your website.

This invitation will make them feel that your brand truly cares for the customers feedback.

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