Every workplace has its hazards. While some factories and warehouses deal with wavy machinery and toxic chemicals, even the average office or store can present hazardous situations to workers, especially when the proper safety protocols are not followed. When it comes to Ontario workplace health and safety, you need to be prioritizing your worker’s health by ensuring they are using the right techniques when lifting heavy objects.

The Risks Of Heavy Lifting

When workers are required to lift heavy objects throughout their day and fail to use the right techniques, they can put unnecessary strain on their backs. Many workers will ignore these pains and continue working, which can cause more severe MSIs (musculoskeletal injuries).

Strains, sprains, slipped discs, and other back ailments can become lifelong injuries, affecting workers’ physical wellbeing and emotional health. These injuries then put workers at the risk of becoming dependent on prescription painkillers or mental health disorders like depression.

Heavy Lifting: Best Practices

Heavy lifting requires attention to detail and strategy. To prevent heavy lifting from becoming an issue in a worker’s life, you need to be prioritizing workplace health and safety in Ontario by ensuring everyone knows the right techniques. Make sure your staff follows these simple steps:

  1. Go Slow – Rushing and jerky movements can cause unnecessary strain.
  2. Always Face The Object – Keeping the object in front of your body while lifting can eliminate the risk of dangerous twisting movements.
  3. Don’t Reach – Always keep heavy objects close to your body.
  4. Lift With Your Legs- Rather than hunch over to lift something, bend your knees and get down to the same level of the object before straightening back up.
  5. Hold Near Torso- Hold objects in between your shoulders and waist so your back muscles can relax more and your arms can do the work.

Keep Your Workplace Safe

By working with health and safety consultants in Ontario, you can guarantee that your workers follow these best practices. Ensuring workers are following these steps will minimize the risk of them developing lifelong injuries.

Working with an Ontario workplace health and safety specialist can help you bring your facility’s overall safety to a whole new level. They can assess your current operations and outline tips for safer practices.