Interior designing mistakes are a common affair. Almost all of us make mistakes while trying to design the interiors of our house. And in most of the cases, we aren’t even aware of the mistakes that we are making. So, here we are going to talk about some of the mistakes done by us in loving our interiors:

Improper furniture: One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make while designing a room is ignoring the size of the furniture. Most of the time, we are so emotionally attached with a particular piece of furniture that we can’t even think of discarding it . However, in order to give your room a proper look, you need to make sure that the furniture blends well with the dimensions of the room. Do not opt for oversized or undersized furniture. Oversized furniture can make your room look congested while undersized furniture can make you feel out of place.

Improper lighting: It is very important for you to have proper lighting in every single room of your house. Harsh lighting can spoil the appearance of your room in seconds. So, you must be very careful while purchasing lights for your room. Opt for lighting that can be adjusted as per your needs. Also, do not use large and heavy lights for a small room.

Too many family photos: We all love to showcase the photos clicked with our loved ones but hanging too many family photos can spoil the entire look of your room. It creates a chaotic effect and also gives you an overwhelming feeling. Make sure that you display all your photographs on one particular wall. This will make your room look appealing. You can also try to hang the photographs in beautiful frames. This will give your room a sophisticated look. Also, for extraordinary Home Interiors Bangalore, you can easily get in touch with an interior designer.

Improper paint: Always choose your furniture and other accessories before you decide to paint the walls of your room. Your furniture should blend with the colour of the walls. This will give  your room a warm and cozy look. You should also make sure that materials that blend well with your wall colour. The wall colour should complement the look of the furniture and make you feel comfortable.

Overuse of artwork: Using artwork for your room is a very easy way to add colour to your room. However, while trying to include artwork, do not turn your home to a complete museum. Otherwise, it will spoil your Home Interiors Bangalore. The artworks should make you feel personal. It should not give the house a congested look. Remember, with artwork, less is always more. So, you should be careful while choosing the appropriate artwork for your house. It is always better to opt for one or two artwork only. So not fill your house with artworks of different kinds.

Defective window treatments: If your home has quite a lot of windows, then you can definitely consider adding blinds or curtains. This will add privacy to your room. However, make sure that you use the right curtains for your room. Do not use bright curtains in a room which is of pastel shade. Also, make sure that the curtains are of right material and colour. Otherwise, they will prevent air circulation and make your room feel warm or stuffy. Home Interiors Bangalore requires a lot of research. That is why it is always better to hire an interior designer for designing your home.

Exposed cords and outlets: Exposed cords and outlets can spoil the beauty of your room within minutes. A beautifully decorated room with long cords against the walls is a very disgusting thing . You should try to rearrange your furniture in such a way that all your cords remain hidden behind them.

Beware of open shelves and baskets: Open storage items can spoil the beauty of your place. Use enclosed storage items for keeping your room clean. It is very difficult to make everything look clean and organised all the time. This is where closets serve themselves to be extremely useful. You can use a closet in different corners of your house. You can use these closets to store all your items that you need on a regular basis.

These are some of the most  common mistakes that you should try to avoid while you are decorating the interiors of your house. So, if you want to get your house designed by professionals, you should always look for people who are experts in Home Interiors Bangalore.




  • How do I avoid making mistakes while designing my home?


You can easily avoid making mistakes by doing proper research. Also, to be on the safer side, you can hire an interior designer for yourself.


  • How much do I have to pay to my interior designer?


Each interior designing company charges a different amount for interior designing projects. You can compare the charges and then hire a company that fulfils all your requirements.


  • Why is it a good idea to hire interior designers?


Interior designers will design your house in the best possible way. They will also give you no chance to complete.


  • Will interior designing projects hamper my day to day live activities?


Well, most professional interior designers complete their entire interior designing project within 2 to 3 days. They will also select the date and time as per your convenience.


  • Can I expect 100% satisfaction from interior designing?


If you want to get completely satisfied with the outcome of your project, you should hire an interior designer who has years of experience in the field of interior designing.


  • How do I look for an interior designer of my choice?


You can search the internet for an interior designer of your choice. You can also depend on the word of the mouth and ask for advice from your friends and relatives.


  • Will my interior designer help me in selecting the right furniture for my house?


Yes, your interior designer will also provide you suggestions regarding which piece of furniture is appropriate for your house.