It was a cold winter night in November of 2004 when a man came to a small shop on the outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico. He looked nervous and out of place among the locals that went there for deals that were none of anyone else’s business. The Mexican drug cartel had him in their cross hairs and his time was running short. They wanted him dead because he knew too much about their operation and they wanted revenge after they found out he set up their leader with the Federales. It was classic mob style-loyalty above all else and betrayal meant death.

He entered the store cautiously and asked if they sell documents such as passports and driver licenses frequently used in Mexico at around $100 USD each. The shop owner who wasn’t a bad guy, but a good citizen wanted to help the man. He believed in second chances and he knew what it was like to be on the run from a powerful drug cartel. So they struck a deal where everything went smoothly with no threats or issues. The shop owner even helped him put together a fake Mexican birth certificate for another $100 USD.

In less than 24 hours, the fugitive would board a plane to New York City from Tijuana after paying his friend an extra $500 USD for having his newly acquired travel documents sent via Federal Express overnight delivery. When he arrived at JFK airport, he dove into the city’s debauchery and never looked back. At least that’s how I imagine the story going down behind closed doors between a man and a shop owner in Mexico. But I was only a small piece of this story as someone who created a new identity for him with my own hands. One that would be untraceable by authorities, the Mexican drug cartel or anyone else really. And because I’m not a bad guy, I never asked questions nor did I care about his past life. In fact, it takes more courage to face each day knowing you’re an enemy of the bajadores (Mexican bandits) than to live life running away from them…

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In case you didn’t know already- criminals continue to buy fake passports online at alarming rates due to internet accessibility and lack of strict laws worldwide . It’s also cheaper and safer than doing it in person for obvious reasons. And that’s what you should be worried about if you’re someone who’s trying to save a few bucks by using the internet to buy something simple like an identification card or even an illegal firearm . Think twice before you place your next purchase because not everyone out there is as honorable as I was, especially when it comes to dealing with fugitive types.

Our network has already compiled well over 100 different blogs and websites worldwide which sell fake IDs. We’ve also worked closely with law enforcement agencies inside the US and around the world on several investigations into these criminal organizations who continue to prey upon college students. And guess what? The majority of them are full online businesses operating at local strip malls, abandoned buildings and various other locations within the United States. They also use offshore banks to launder their cash and pay for supplies once they receive your money via Money Gram or Western Union transfer .

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The most popular websites we’ve found so far are based out of China, Bulgaria, Mexico and America. However, it is getting more difficult to tell where a website is being hosted and who’s behind the website because of various proxies and offshore banks. But we finally managed to get a list of around 100 websites, many which already have been shut down by their hosting providers. And if you do some digging, you’ll find that these criminals frequently change web hosts as well as domain names quite often as a means to avoid detection from authorities.

In the mean time, we’ve been busy creating 40 different fake identifications from passports to driver licenses with all kinds of security features including holograms and special paper. And most importantly- they all look legit as you can see in our demo videos on . If you’re suspicious that your college’s bookstore is selling high quality.