Mahindra delivers extreme quality manufactured tractors and Mahindra Yuvo 575 is a tractor which opens doors for new chances and possibilities by reducing complexity. This model of tractor is built with advanced technology containing a 4 cylinder engine and transmission of all new engine features. It has the feature of advanced hydraulic which ensures that it has faster and better speed than others.

This model of mahindra tractor is equipped with best in class features as its torque has more back up, it has higher lifting capacity. It can be used to perform way more than application as it has high adjustability. It has 12 forward + 3 rear gears and powerful and clear lens headlamps etc. 


  • Mahindra Yuvo 575  is built with a 2799 CC engine with 4 cylinder and a 49 HP Engine and a 41.1 PTO HP. 
  • This model provides a forward speed of 30.61 kmph and 11.3 kmph rear speed.
  • It has a 2 speed PTO which allows it to use various farm equipment. 
  • This model has oil immersed brakes and this will result in fewer or no slippage because of soil. 
  • This model has 60 liter fuel tank capacity as it does not dry out easily. 
  • The engine of this tractor contains water cooling system regulated at 24*7 and also has a dry try air filter. 
  • This 2 WD tractor can easily contain 1500 kg of weight and runs on 2000 rated RPM. 


Mahindra Yuvo 555 has on road price of 6.60-6.90* Lakh. This is an affordable price for farmers and this price varies based on external factors and region. As there are various factors which constitute this price. 

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