Wetsuits can be incredibly expensive, and even if not, you need to make sure your wetsuit lasts you a few seasons. Depending on the thickness, seam type, and usage style, womens spring suits wetsuits for sale near me can get worn out quicker than expected if not maintained properly.

If you want to get the most life out of your wetsuits, we’ve listed a few guidelines and tips below to help you out.

Wear It Gently

Wetsuits can be challenging to put on, which is why you need to be extra careful when getting into one. If you’re too rough with your wetsuit while taking it off, you might have to deal with a tear. This happens when you pull your neoprene suit too hard or try to force the zip.

When wearing Rip curl mens springsuit wetsuits for sale near me, zip it up slowly or ask someone for help. Broken zippers or ripped ziplines can cause permanent damage.

Rinse Well

Prolonged exposure to saltwater and direct sunlight can destroy your wetsuit faster. That’s why you should give it a thorough rinse with fresh water after every use in the sea. Make sure you dry it well, inside and out. If you keep using your wetsuit without rinsing it often or drying it properly, it could become too smelly and make you or fellow divers uncomfortable.

Hang It Properly

Womens spring suits wetsuits for sale near me cannot be dried any other way. You have to hang them properly in the shade away from direct sunlight. You should never just leave it on a hook or railing for too long, as it might cause uneven stretches in your suit.

Use a plastic hanger that is wide and strong enough to hold the wetsuit straight up for hours. Turn it inside out after some time to make sure it is completely dry. Avoid thin plastic or metal wire hangers as they cause neoprene to stretch out near the shoulders.

Use Wetsuit Shampoo

You can’t continuously use rip curl mens springsuit wetsuits for sale near me without expecting some stink. After all, it’s tightly hugging your skin and will come in contact with sweat, salt water, etc. Even if you rinse your suit regularly, you will need to clean it with a wetsuit shampoo at some point. It will get rid of funky smells and keep your wetsuit smelling fresh.

Repairs are Possible

Even if you use your wetsuit properly, damages like holes or tears can occur. Thankfully, minor tears can be easily repaired using an aqua seal or a neoprene cement. You can either do it yourself or ask an experienced person, or even better, get it repaired professionally.

You should know that neoprene tears can widen even further if left unchecked. It’s important to immediately fix the tears in Womens spring suits wetsuits for sale near me to avoid further damage.

You should purchase wetsuits with a mindset that they won’t last forever. At the same time, you should do your best to make sure they don’t wear out prematurely. With proper care, even a budget wetsuit can last for 2-3 years with regular use. More expensive wetsuits can be used for around 4-5 years with proper maintenance.

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