We all want to be friends with everyone but there are times when we end up making enemies all because of the way we talk to people. Making friends with strangers should not turn you into a fist, instead it should all be about simple conversation with people who laugh a little here and there.

Start conversations with strangers in places where people often try to chat and meet people. Places like a park or omegle kids a bus stop or a coffee shop are great places to meet strangers and start a conversation with them.

Chat with people who want to talk to you. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to talk to someone and then just shut up? No one wants to be in that position and you know exactly what it is like so make sure you try to be as friendly as possible with the people who want to talk to you.

Try inviting people to do what you like to do with your group of friends. If you like to climb a wall and the person you just chatted with wants to do it, invite him or her and introduce him or her to your friends.

When introducing new people to your friends, make sure he or she is not alone in the corner and connect with the group as often as possible so that your new friend can communicate with your friends.

Make a nice little move for the people who are right for you. That gratitude may be enough for some but a thank you note or taking your friend out for a meal or a drink can make a difference.

When you and your friends go out on a Friday night, make sure everyone in your circle of friends has a great time. One concerned friend can make a difference in your supposedly fun night so make sure everyone is in good shape.

Be honest with omegle kids. Sometimes, we love each other so make sure they get that idea. But sometimes, there are other people with whom we do not communicate immediately and who may choose to stay away from them. So try to excuse yourself from the situation as much as possible.