Located in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura- the birthplace of Lord Krishna is visited and re-visited by thousands of people from all corners of the country and abroad. It is a landlocked city with Agra, Vrindavan and New Delhi lying in the vicinity. This city boasts of an illustrative history that is marked with gripping stories, legends and events.

According to Indian mythology, Mathura was ruled by a king named Ugrasena. A demon fell in love with the king’s wife and subsequently, diverted Ugrasena and assumed his form. The child born after the union of the demon and the king’s wife was called Kansa, who grew up and dethroned his father.

Tourists, religious devotees in particular, flock this place all around the year to see the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The holy city of Mathura has several tourist attractions, which include temples, mosques, museums and art galleries. A lot of festivals and fairs are organised here and attended by thousands of devotees.

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