Some people might know about flipcharts, but they even heard about magnetic paint and whiteboard. They are an old fashioned way of decorating your home walls, but now wallcoverings Barclay Butera offers a wide range of products to give a modern look to your home.

These wallcoverings are available in a wide range of functionalities in Barclay Butera store, such as projection, magnetic and dry erase.

Consider putting your walls by installing these wallpapers, which can actually you can regularly use in workspaces as well as learning and teaching.

You need to know much before buying these fantastic products. The below-given information will help you to understand more about these wallpapers and also helps you in choosing the right decorating element for your home. These decorating pieces will help in increasing the aesthetics of your home.

Select magnetic wallcoverings

Now, we are going to discuss the modern addition of the functional wallcoverings, which is also known as a smart magnetic wallcovering.

It is a perfect way for people who want to create a magnetic whiteboard and magnetic-only surface on their home walls. It offers a white finish to the walls and are available in pre-primed, and allows you to use it just forty-eight hours from the application.

It offers you all the benefits provided by a magnetic surface likeability to schedule, plan, and brainstorming better. The installation of these wallcoverings is pretty easy, and you can easily apply them to any part of your home.

  • If an individual wants colored walls in their home in place of traditional white, then you don’t need to worry about anything else. You only need to coat the magnetic wallpaper with your preferred paint to get the desired look on your wall.
  • If a person wants to put digital prints on the top of the magnetic wallpaper, then you can customize your walls with any design.
  • If you need a magnetic surface as well as a whiteboard surface, then install whiteboard paint on the top of it.

Select projector dry erases wallcoverings.

If you wipe or write and project on the walls more than you stick or attach things to the walls, consider dry erase wallcoverings. It also gives you the benefits of projector wallcoverings. This product offers you two benefits and makes your home beautiful by enhancing its aesthetics.

These wallcoverings allow you to transform your smooth walls to dry-erase projection surfaces in one easy and quick installation.

These wallcoverings maintain a high-performance writable surface. These products offer low sheen and reduce hot spots, and also maintains the write-on wipe-off performance.

Select Whiteboard Wallcoverings

If you are interested in a whiteboard surface, then it is among the preferred choice of wallcovering. This wallcovering allows you to turn your wall into a dry erase surface in just one easy application.

Wallcoverings Barclay Butera offers high-performance wallpaper, which you can easily wipe off. These wallpapers are pocket friendly and offer you the best appearance.