Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is an extraordinarily complex and time-consuming process. It generally requires various resources and other conventional inventory management systems to ensure that the industry’s assets are in a working condition. With industries increasing in scale every year, the average amount of data generated each day by the average industry has also exponentially increased. A more significant workforce and smart machinery back the importance of data management.

Apart from apparent benefits like reducing equipment downtime and prolonging the life of existing assets, mobilizing your EAM strategy can also help your budget deliver more than you ever expected. An increase in wrench time and conversion of capital to operational investments are a few ways in which your investments could be stretched out for maximum benefit. Here’s why your company should consider making the shift to a mobile platform to carry out your EAM:

Increase in Productivity

The ease-of-use of a mobile enterprise asset management solution is probably its most salient feature. Equipped with precision tracking tools, most modern tablet computers can run applications that can speed up the process of deployment and abet inspection. While the digitization of EAM could also mean shifting the data to a desktop, it is simply not the best way to go. Using mobile devices and desktops enables industries to access IoT data from assets and use the data collected for predictive maintenance and optimizing troubleshooting.

Real-Time Data Collection

Gone are the days when the data captured relied on a manual worker that entered it into a spreadsheet or paper order. Mobile devices can be used wherever a job is being done. This means companies can capture and access information across their entire facility in real-time. Mobilising EAM also makes the data more accessible and ensures complete privacy by using biometric authentication. Many devices support glove mode, allowing workers to wear the device on their arm and a stylus, making the device easily portable. Parts can also be ordered directly from the device after analyzing the inventory data.


Depending on the type of industry they are deployed in, mobile devices always have a way to fit the conditions. There are ruggedized tablets available in the market with IP68 water resistance ratings and screens that use Gorilla Glass to ensure minimum breakage. Some devices have been tested rigorously in varying cold, water, dust, humidity, and dirt conditions. Finding the right device will ensure that you can stay productive irrespective of the environment.

Ignoring the impact that good EAM can have on your business is a mistake that can prove very expensive. Optimizing the EAM process is vital to ensure that your assets are always running at peak performance. Mobile EAM solutions are easy to set up and maintain. Finding an application for your job is also very easy. There are also companies willing to create custom-built apps that are best suited for your industry requirements. The power is in the palm of your hand, go ahead and experience the future of enterprise asset management today!