Going beyond conventional steel and concrete, the material sciences have made progress in leaps and bounds. Read about modern construction materials.

  1. Cold-formed steel

This material was introduced in late 1800 (1890 probably) and buy construction supplies online, yet its practical usage started only after World War II. It’s a very good and durable element for commercial and low-cost accommodations.


  1. Stainless Steel

This material is all about the finish. Yet, it was recently learned that this material can be used at par with Mild Steel, given that the stainless steel does not have corrosion problems and is more long-lasting than MS in many aspects.


  1. Glass

This material is used as a facade in many places and you can purchase it at your convenience from a construction supply online shop, yet its structural uses are ignored by many. Yes, it is fragile but, it can be strengthened with steel mesh and we can get a reasonably good malleable behavior. There are some buildings though that are literally built from glass.


  1. Graphene

This material is said to be the wonder of materials. Stronger than the diamond itself, the carbon atoms are arranged in a special arrangement to yield graphene material. Apart from fiber wrapping, it is rarely used elsewhere in the industry.


  1. Tensile Fabrics

This material is one of the best materials in terms of roofing. Giving a pleasant look, it also is highly economical. Most airports in the world are using this material for roofing.