Here is the monkey and crocodile story in english with moral

In a forest, there lived a monkey named ‘Tinku’ on an apple tree. Tinku was very kind. He used to eat the apples and also gave them to his friends. He loved and trusted all his friends.

There was a huge lake beside that apple tree where a crocodile named ‘Jimmy’ lived with his family.  Jimmy was very innocent whereas his wife was cunning.

One day, Jimmy came near the apple tree looking for some food. There he saw Tinku, eating an apple. Jimmy had never seen a fruit like that. So, he asked Tinku what was that fruit that he was eating. Tinku replied that he was eating an apple and they are very tasty. Tinku gave one apple to Jimmy to taste. Jimmy ate it and loved it. Tinku gave a few more apples to Jimmy to take home. Jimmy felt very happy and took those apples to his house.

Jimmy after reaching his house, gave those apples to his wife and children. All of them loved the apples as they were very tasty. His wife asked Jimmy where he got those apples. Jimmy told about his new monkey friend Tinku who gave him these apples.

Jimmy’s wife who was very cunning started thinking about Tinku. She always wanted to eat a monkey’s heart. She was very happy when Jimmy told her that he made friends with a monkey.

The next day, Jimmy’s wife went to Jimmy and started crying. She said that she was suffering from a dreadful illness since last week and when she went to a doctor, the doctor asked her that the monkey’s heart is the only medicine for this disease. She asked Jimmy to invite Tinku to their house for lunch so that she can ask him for his heart and eat it to cure her disease.

Jimmy was depressed hearing his wife’s words. He loved his wife very much and did not want her to suffer. Jimmy agreed to invite Tinku to their house and ask him for his heart.

He went to the place where Tinku lived. He tried to be normal and played with the Tinku for a while. After some time, Jimmy asked Tinku to come with him to his house for lunch. Tinku was very happy about Jimmy’s invitation and agreed to come with him. Tinku sat on Jimmy’s back and both of them started to Jimmy’s home. On their way, Tinku asked Jimmy how his wife and children were doing. Tinku also told Jimmy that he had got some apples for them.

Jimmy was touched by his friend’s kind action of bringing apples with him for his children and wife. He started crying and told Tinku that his wife was suffering from a dreadful disease and the monkey’s heart was the only cure for it. He also said that his wife wanted his heart to get well.

Tinku was shocked on hearing Jimmy’s words. He understood the cruel plan of Jimmy’s wife. He immediately started thinking about how he can escape from her. He got a wonderful idea. He said to Jimmy that “I am very sorry to hear about your wife’s disease. I would really love to help her by giving my heart but I forgot my heart at home. Let us go back to my place and get my heart with us and give it to her.”

Jimmy believed that Tinku really left his heart at home. They both started to go back to Tinku’s house. When they reached his place, Tinku immediately jumped onto the ground and climbed up to his house. He then told Jimmy that “Your wife planned to kill me and eat my heart with her cunning plan. There is no disease which can be cured with a monkey heart. Please do not come to me again”. Listening to this, Jimmy left in disappointment as he lost a good friend.