A motherboard is the main computer component that occurs inside the pc. Several parts of the computer are linked together throynotoutlet benettonoutlet relaxdaysonline borsalamilanesa akutrekkingshop donkeyluckycat tatascarpe diego-dalla-palma harmontblainescarpe donkeyluckycat cainsmooredonna harmonte-blaine chilloutsmutze ovyeshop gigasport-online ugh the motherboard.  It contains several sockets for the connection of many modules of the computer such as RAM, CPU, etc. Working of Hard drives, disc drives and front panel ports becomes possible due to the connectivity with board. Motherboard is also known as the main board.

It is a machine that connects all individual components of a computer together.  Furthermore, it provides the amenity to CPU regarding the control of individual parts of a pc.  With this all aspects, external devices can also be connected with the laptop or computer via motherboard ports.

Modules of the Motherboard

The mainboard contains few modules for integration of different pc parts that are allied with it. These parts include CMOS, the BIOS, bus system and chipset. Logic board also has numerous sockets and ports for the linking of the pc devices. These sockets are utilized for Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI), Universal Serial Bus (USB), Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE) and RAM slots for the data saving.

Motherboard Form Factors

Design and Layout of a motherboard is called form factor. The form factor clarifies the standard, specification and dimension of form factor. It determines the power supply, the kind of casing, and the area where different components will amend. ATX is considered as the best and most mainboard form factor. They are well known because they provide minimum length of boards without sacrificing the abilities.

4 Major Types of Motherboard Form Factor


  • ATX


The ATX form factor began to sell in the late 1990s. At that time these mainboards boards were only considered as part of revolutionary time. In the early time expansion slots were brought in a card and compulsory to be plugged in the board. But ATX arrival has changed many things including the exclusion of riser cards and made the space compacted. Power pins along with air freshening headers were presented by ATX that consisted of 20 pins. 

  •  Micro-ATX


Micro-ATX came into the market of electronics when all the folks were demanding for a budget cost solution for these boards. If we say that it has removed all people’s worries then it won’t be wrong in any way.  The Micro ATX motherboard provides related advantages with a more reformed specifications. As we have said, they were bought with a compressed size and are comparatively packed than a full sized motherboard.


  • BTX


Motherboards of BTX form factor are known as composed technology. The main idea of this form factor is for the utilization of USB 2.0 and PCIe. In comparison with ATX the size of the BTX board is so tamp. But even though it offers more easy and advanced ports placement especially for the I/O controller. The way of using airflow to provide a cooling system is a different feature brought by the BTX system.


  • LPX


LPX is the non-standard proprietary form. Video quality and Sound integration are one of the distinct benefits of LPX. The best advantage of it, is extra space that helps out when pc storage is about to full.  

Motherboard Functions

As we have discussed the motherboard significance that can give numerous services. Now we will go to the function of the motherboard. The Mainboard is a like backbone at which everything depends on. They provide the facility of performing computer parts such as RAM and CPU. The right distribution of power to every element is the responsibility of the motherboard. Furthermore, efficiency and quick response of storage devices also depends on mastery of the motherboard. Maintaining the interface and coordination of all computer elements is the duty of the mainboard.


Motherboard assists as a single platform to connect all the components of a computer. It acts as a central circuit house for the PC. Whatever, the task is performed by the CPU is due to the presence and actions of the board. Making a junction of every pc part is the task that is fulfilled by the motherboard. You can buy a bulk motherboard in the UK, but remember the more advanced your motherboard is, the more classical response it will provide. In an epilogue, the core foundation of a pc is reliant on the motherboard.