To one percent that’s just a start we’re legalizing ganja psychoactive cannabis everywhere we can’t have this situation where people are coming to in governments coming to inspect hemp farmers on micro levels of of thc that’s just got to completely go away and it will um but first and foremost right now let’s get the thc definition up to one percent because that’ll eliminate 90 of hot tests um it’s just such a ridiculous thing hemp wants thc for good fi i’m wearing dungarees right now and it’s like you need you the best fiber wants thc in it for for better fiber it’s it’s a insane.



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Situation um and then the other thing is creating a new craft category for hemp that other agricultural products can use i don’t want to see him just become a commodity that’s traded on commodity exchanges what i would like it’s fine it’s a big tent i’m not trying to prohibit any one angleĀ hemp cream where people want to go but um what i would like to see is a counter current to the modern mc uh sort of uh monoculturization of all food products and the way that they’re intended to be processed in these over sterilized situations with modern uh fisma and other food laws what i’d like to see is something closer to craft food law that allows things like farmer’s markets type production but at much higher levels and we could massage what those levels are but exemptions from the over sanitization and i think the decreasing in food quality and and bioavailability um this will allow these craft terroir providers that we’ve been talking about and shouting out this whole interview to have a niche where let’s say up to 10 million uh pounds of product you know which is peanuts compared to uh per entry 10 million pounds.


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So you could be a whatever 50 or 100 million small regional company if you grow with these regenerative way mount modes you can be certified as regenerative but also your craft like craft beer is kicking mass market beer’s butt um we need that new market that exempts us from the fun fungible commoditization that other products have done and we’re so new that we can get it we just need to communicate to the deciders to the regulators that this is what we want this is a big part of my personal mission what do you think though they need to hear like what bridge is that gap my eyes are watering like crazy if i were if i were the head of the fda let’s say i’m moving you to tears mandy am i yes but i literally my eyes just started watering but i’m fine i’m glad i’m glad it’s reaching yeah we’ll just call it we’ll call it uh moving uh moving ideas right so um and i appreciate the platform in the forum to discuss all this so if i were the head of the fda what i would do would be to initiate the creation of a new category of food production