Coronavirus has created a major downfall in the economic condition of various countries.  Several business services including grocery stores, cab booking services, arts & entertainment, etc. are facing a halt due to the imposition of lockdown. Though such strict actions are being taken to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, all the service sectors are facing massive dislocation of industries/business services. People in the lockdown imposed area are not able to go out unless it is necessary and hence are facing some challenges with their daily needs. Since the pandemic has been going on for several months, it is becoming quite challenging for people to go out physically in grocery stores to purchase grocery, as there is a high risk of contracting Coronavirus.

Online shopping has experienced an exceptional boom during this pandemic. Some of the grocery stores/shops have already adapted to this business model and are likely to continue their service offerings online and help keep their business afloat. However, to cater for the needs of the public with respect to grocery shopping during the pandemic, there is a need to set up more online grocery stores. This will let their customers shop safely without contracting the virus as grocery delivery services at their doorstep will lessen public exposure. If you’re a grocery store owner, and if you haven’t yet started providing your grocery services online, then here’s a great platform waiting for you i.e. “Angels – The Rider” app. Angels app is one of the best online grocery shopping app to increase your grocery business sales and expand customer base. Moreover, this app is beneficial in various aspects such as safe & secure online shopping, contactless delivery services at the doorstep; fresh grocery items every time, and online payment for those who always try to limit their public exposure due to Coronavirus

In addition, there is a significant risk involved in the community spread of the Coronavirus through public transportation such as bus or train. Moreover, several national governments have also issued COVID-19 guidelines for public transport operators to allow only 50% or fewer passengers on busses. Therefore, with increasing restrictions imposed by the government on transportation services, transport businesses have been badly hit. According to the recent study, there is a drastic fall in the usage of public transport in many cities.

Adhering to COVID-19 rules set by the government, there is a need for more taxi services during the pandemic to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Taxi services or cab booking services will let people travel safely to their destination without coming in contact with the infected person. Angels – The Rider app is one of the best online taxi booking app that not only provides cab booking services but also provides car/vehicle rental services. So, whether you want to visit a hospital to avail emergency medical services, or you want to visit your relative’s house for urgency, you can book/schedule your ride using “Angels – The Rider” and travel safely within or outside your city location. Moreover, if you know driving, and want to provide riding services/grocery/food/parcel delivery services, you can register your vehicle at Angels – The Rider app and start providing riding services using Angels – The Driver app.

So what you’re waiting for? Start your own online grocery business or taxi/cab booking services using one of the best online grocery shopping and online taxi booking app i.e. Angels – The Rider app and earn your livelihood during this pandemic without coming in contact with the COVID-19 infected person.