Effective SEO Techniques to Encourage Organic Traffic by 2021

Does it feel like the speed at which SEO techniques (and effectiveness) change is a constant slope?

If so, you are not alone. Google is getting smarter and stronger all the time – not only in analyzing and understanding web pages but also on how effective it makes people in the framework.

Why? Google is better to answer questions in SERP or direct users to advertising instead of organic listings; The more money they make. Douxl Technologies Top Dubai SEO services Company provides the best service to provide perfect SEO your site. Unfortunately, this makes it much more difficult for those of us who depend on Google’s organic search traffic as a lifeline. SERP changes (and for most of us, not for the better). This is 16 main features that appear on Google SERP:

Make Your Post Easy to Read:

Have you ever heard the phrase “content format for the web”? To maintain every opportunity to increase your organic rank, we need to take further steps and optimize content for readability. So how do you optimize your posts for readability?

The following formatting tips can help increase the readability of your content:

Write quality needs: First of all, you are wasting worrying about one of the points below if your writing is irregular. Formatting the problem, but so are great ideas, interesting shipping, and free grammar and spelling.

Shorter paragraphs: In general, limit each paragraph to 3-4 sentences. You can even use a one-sentence paragraph if necessary, but using it by saving or your post will look like a list of food ingredients. Paragraphs are a group of related sentences that support one main idea, so if you divide paragraphs, your idea can be fragmented, and lose your points.

Mix Length: Long sentences are difficult to follow on computers or cellular devices, but they can work well when used to store – especially when mixed with shorter sentences.

Sub-Header: Do you know that the average person spends 37 seconds reading a piece of online content? You can significantly increase the time by entering a sub-post that helps readers scan content and quickly understand what the article is. But make sure your header is informative.

Bullet Points: When you have a lot of data – statistics, facts, ideas, examples – packed into one paragraph, it’s easier to read when you list it with bullet points (like this!). The general rule is if you enter three items or more, use points.

White Space: Too many texts can defeat visitors (and it’s likely to increase your mind level). Prevent this by breaking up most text with relevant media, supporters, including photos, videos, and graphics (other than bullet points and sub-headers).

Image / Screenshot: Talk about images; Most articles must have several images or screenshot to illustrate points or numbers or the steps you discussed. More complex ideas, the more pictures you have to include.

Increase the User Experience (UX) on a Web Page:

Douxl Technologies more often than not, it produces a high rate of penalalan from poor uses and awkward user experience

web design and Web Development company in Dubai. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to determine the issue of UX because they can vary dramatically from the site to the site.

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