However, you must know that everything depends on the various cases and on the stories of each one. Those who leave themselves badly, perhaps after a betrayal or something serious, will never be able to think of having friendship for the person they loved. This is why we need to work a lot on the right approach for this type of relationship in, which in some ways is new.

If you want to try your hand at this new experience that could also allow you to get to know a new side of that person you thought you knew perfectly well, you have to take into consideration some essential elements. First of all, the dialogue with the other person, perhaps showing your cards right away. This means that you certainly will not go wrong if you intend to create a friendship with your ex, but you will have to be as sincere as possible.

Of course, being honest also means making sure you express any grudges or feelings of love that you may still have towards him. Over time you will have to cultivate your friendship with your ex in the right way to prevent this from escalating and leading to the total breakdown of any relationship. This is why it is advisable to better manage your emotions and above all your way of doing. Keep the possible jealousy that could take over in certain situations at bay. Nothing to worry about as it would be perfectly normal to feel a bit of jealousy for your ex. But you don’t have to be heavy or possessive.

In friendship these two components would be excessive and above all unwelcome to both parties. It is necessary to make sure that the friendship relationship is thus experienced as something to read and that the right confidence is created on which to base a relationship of trust in On the other hand, if you think you don’t want to take the path of friendship with your ex or your ex, you will simply have to make sure you avoid any contact.

So even through social networks or text messages you won’t have to be tempted by the possibility of establishing contacts . Therefore try to assume an attitude of sentimental rigidity towards that person. In this way you can take your paths without constraints and above all by exploiting the positive of the couple that was.