The West Bengal Public Service Commission or the WBPSC conducts the WBCS ( West Bengal Civil Services examination to recruit officers to several bureaucratic positions in West Bengal. The exam occurs annually or as and when the Commission announces the date. The exams are given by candidates aspiring posts like Joint Block Development Officer, Assistant Commercial Tax Officer, or any other Group A, B, C, or D services.

The WBCS is a three-tier exam comprising of the following levels of assessment of candidates

  • WBCS prelims,

  • WBCS mains,

  • Interview or Personality test

WBCS exams are a tough nut to crack. Preparing for the WBCS exams is a labor-intensive and exhaustive task because of the vast purview of the syllabus and the extremely tough competition.

However, with proper preparation, there is no need to be intimidated. You also choose among the best apps for competitive exam preparation to attain the optimum training level before actually appearing for the exams.

The exams are considered to be the most challenging and demanding exams in the state of West Bengal. Hence the first thing you need to prepare for the WBCS exams is the determination to crack it along with the resilience to not crack under pressure. We suggest that you use a govt exam preparation app to stay ahead of the curve.

Out of lakhs of applicants, only some thousands make it to the WBCS mains. Therefore a sound preparation for your prelims is a must if you want to land a civil services job in West Bengal.

In this article, we have curated all the relevant information about the WBCS prelims, along with strategies for preparing for it and most importantly, last-minute success tips for your upcoming WBCS prelims.

More about WBCS prelims

The preliminary examinations or the prelims are the first stages of the WBCS exams. In the prelims exams, there are 200 questions in total. All the questions will be objective types carrying a single mark for each one. Eight different sections are having 25 marks, each of which is as follows:

  • General Mental Ability

  • Geography of India with particular reference to the geography of West Bengal

  • History of India

  • English Composition

  • Indian Polity and Economy

  • Indian National Movement

  • Current Affairs of National and International significance

All the candidates must qualify for the preliminary examination to appear for the WBCS mains. Every MCQ question wrongly answered will incur negative marks.

How to prepare for WBCS prelims?

Preparing for WBCS exams is a strenuous task, and you should prepare yourself mentally and physically. Training your mind and body helps you focus on the preparation for any exams.

  • In this regard the ancient Greek proverb “Mens Sana in corpore Sano” which means a ‘sound mind in a sound body’ shows us the way. Good health is of primary importance in such a daunting task. You should carefully consume the proper nutrients and give your body optimum rest. You could also practice meditation as it increases patience and the ability to focus.

  • It is always a good practice to strategically plan your way. You could do this by setting targets and goals for yourself. It gives you an organized approach to preparing for WBCS prelims. Choose the best app for WBCS preparation to successfully set achievable targets, which will motivate you when achieved and propel your progress.

  • It is also essential to regularly study and in touch with the syllabus, especially for sections like current affairs. We completely understand that it is a tiring task, but it is imperative not to lose interest. The human brain is programmed to register and remember what one finds attractive. You could discuss the topics with your friends and contemporaries who are also preparing for the exam to stay motivated.

Nine tips for WBCS prelims

  • Revise all that you have studied. We often think that the more topics we cover, the better it will be for the examinations. Doing this, we often neglect to revise the lessons we have already learned. At the same time, you should keep on solving mock tests and sample test papers, which help evaluate your aptitude for the examination. Going through the topics that have already been covered instead of preparing new topics at the last minute is much more beneficial.

  • Solve as many sample papers as it is practically feasible for you for a wholesome self-evaluation. It will help you identify your shortcomings, and you can quickly fill up the lacuna in your efforts. As they say, “practice makes a man perfect,” solving previous years’ question papers will help you identify the pattern of questions that tend to come for the examination. It is the most effective way to practice your problem-solving skills for the WBCS prelims.

  • Properly prioritize while revising during the last moment. Not all sections are equally demanding. However, you should pay equal attention to all departments during the long run. Some sections like Geography, History, and Indian National Movement have a broad scope, so you should revise adequately. It is also vital to practice logical reasoning, maths, and English during the final hours.

  • Go through the short notes that you have taken while studying previously. Taking brief notes is very important because it helps you quickly revise the lesson’s essential parts before the exams. You will be able to effectively and proactively utilize the time before the exams when not much of it is left.

  • Build a robust schedule. Although it is essential to maintain a program through the preparation process, you have to manage time efficiently when time is scarce. It would be best if you differentiated time allotment optimally among your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Online Mock Tests can help you to not only evaluate yourself but also increases your question-solving speed. Choose a WBCS mock test app.

  • It is vital to revise the dates of important events, especially in Indian history and the Indian National Movement.

  • Brush up your current affairs immaculately. Go through the newspapers thoroughly before the preliminary examination.

  • Pay special attention to details in History, Geography, and every topic related to West Bengal. Also, revise English thoroughly no matter how fluent you are.

Summing up:

With comprehensive preparation for your WBCS prelims, you can aspire to score good marks and go one step ahead for the mains. Your administrative job aspirations will take flight from the WBCS prelims, and hence it is practically indispensable to score high marks and clear the hurdle.