Hassle-free transactions: Non-3D payment gateways

Very few people understand the importance of non 3DS (domain secure) form of payment gateway. Many term non-3D payment processing as a 2D payment gateway, which is widely popular nowadays. In 2D payment processing, a customer pay by entering card details over the merchant’s website. Moreover, Details like Card Number, Card Expiry date can be provided by the customer to pay for the products or service he/she added to the cart.

HIGHRISK GATEWAYS offers 2D payment gateways to high-risk businesses if you are a merchant who wants to integrate a reliable payment gateway over your website. Get in touch with our expert team to fasten the approval process and get started.

How 2D payment gateway works?

To make payment processing transparent and rapid, a 2D payment gateway keeps checks of transactions between merchants and banks, with no additional security layer as in the case of a 3D secure method. There is no OTP (One Time password) verification at the customer’s end. Buyers can simply proceed by entering their credit or debit card number and the expiry date of the card. This way payment is approved by the bank without additional security checks.

Online Merchants need Non-3D payment processing to provide a quick and accessible payment option on the webserver. Customers can easily pay through their card details without entering any OTP again after every purchase.

With our High risk Merchant account , merchants can integrate a 2D payment gateway on their e-commerce website.

Some Unique Features of NON-3D payment processing

  • Instant Approval
  • Easily available statements
  • Multiple currency acceptances
  • In-Syn transactions
  • Dedicated merchant account
  • Adjustable processor
  • Highrisk Gateways unmatched solutions:-
  • Non-3D payment processing
  • High-risk merchant account
  • High-risk payment gateway 
  • Offshore Payment gateway
  • International Payment Gateway
  • Offshore Merchant Account
  • E-check Payment processing
  • Credit card payment processing
  • ACH payment processing
  • 3D payment processing

Are you still unsure?

We will cover you; connect with our Highrisk gateways experienced team to personalize your merchant account according to your needs. We are known in the industry to provide a reliable solution for Non-3D gateways to high-risk merchants. No matter which commerce you belong to, we have expertise in all domains to keep you safe and ensured.

What we offer to our Merchants:-

If you are a high-risk merchant, keep in mind that having a 2D payment gateway adds to customer satisfaction. This feature can introduce alternative ways by which customer pays conveniently without any second thought. We offer many value-added services with a merchant account.

  1. Debit/Credit card processing

Highrisk gateways look for new ways of connecting you to your customers, that’s why we have various brand card integration to name a few there is MasterCard, Visa, etc. Our main aim is to provide customers alternative ways for payment processing. So they pay easily on your website and hence increase in revenue generation. With credit and debit card transactions customers can pay for products and services from around the world.

  1. Customer-focused currencies

When targeting a global audience, make sure to look for customer’s ease of payment. Giving them options to pay in their currency can turn into huge sales. We provide multi-currency options on our payment gateway. We have currency options for overseas businesses such as Singapore Dollar, the UK pound, and many more.

  1. Safer Transactions

We provide safe payment transactions through our payment gateway, not only 2D, we provide 3D payment processing as well. Customers on your website can confidently save their card details with our global card saving feature which we provide on our payment gateway

  1. Frauds prevention Tools

Running an online business needs extra attention towards payment transactions. There are a lot of online scammers who steal credit card details and sell them for illegal transactions. To overcome these hassles, we provide stringent security measures against any theft of card details. We are PCI-DSS certified organization, we make sure to give you the necessary fraud prevention tools as well.

Give a boost to your business with HIGHRISK GATEWAYS

As an e-commerce merchant, you can look up to us for Non-3D payment processing to safeguard your payment processing. Highrisk gateway is a renowned name in the high-risk industry; we specialize in providing authentic payment gateways to high-risk businesses. Collaborate with to reach new heights of success.

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