Office Waste Collection London – Searching for a commercial & office waste collection service in London? So, TopWaste is the best option for you, we offer rubbish and waste removal & collection service in London.

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We are London based green and Eco friendly waste clearance company, TopWaste is fully licensed and insured professional waste removal company. For more than a decade Top Waste is a family run business that offers a reliable and environment friendly rubbish removal services in London. Our company is focused on delivering high standards and reliability in the waste removal industry. We have the right expertise, technical support and our dedicated two man teams enabling us to carry out any type of waste removal in London.

Moving house is always exciting but it can also be rather a rubbish-creating event. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of it because Top Waste are able to do carpet removal, building material removal or the removal of any of the rubbish left after a house refurbishment or move. When you are moving house you will want to leave your home in a good state for the people moving in, so if you need furniture removal in London or the removal of any bulky household waste, give us a call.

You can use us if you find that the people who have left your new house are not as thoughtful as you have been to the people coming in behind. Finding rooms full of tatty old furniture and grotty carpet when you are moving in is very depressing and not a good start, so call us if you need furniture, carpet or other household rubbish removal in London. Don’t forget – we sweep up after the job so when you use Top Waste for bulky household waste removal you can get on with your house move with no more fuss.

Other times you need to have building material removed when you are in the middle of a house refurbishment and Top Waste are happy to help you throughout the job. If you try to work around mess and rubbish, your job will take much longer so to keep your building work spinning along and also to save frustration and delays, arrange your regular waste removal with Top Waste now.

It is sad but true to say that most people who own a garage can never fit the car in because it is absolutely full of junk. Whether you use your garage for car related jobs or just for storing empty tins of paint and dead rolls of carpet, it is a really silly waste of space, especially in London where car parking is at such a premium. Even if you don’t have a car yourself, why not arrange some garage rubbish removal? You could then rent out your garage to commuters or neighbours and make that previously tatty old space earn you some money!

We remove any rubbish, so it doesn’t matter what you have filling up your garage – Top Waste will remove it. If you have old electrical equipment stashed in a corner – an old freezer for example – we can dispose of it for you because we are fully licensed by the Environment Agency and, more importantly, we don’t charge extra for removing WEEE rubbish. If you need old tyre removal, rusted metal removal or the removal of assorted garage junk, we can undertake the job and you can rely on us to dispose of it in a responsible way.

A messy garage is something that everyone has experienced but what is worse is when it is not your mess. If you move into a new house and find the garage full of old junk, call Top Waste for garage rubbish removal. We love nothing better than making a messy space usable for you – taking the waste away is not where it ends for us, we also make sure that we sweep up behind ourselves and we don’t leave a scrap behind. And when we have gone, taking your rubbish with us, you can get on with planning what to do with all that space.

ardening can be great fun and, if you want to be totally financially minded, a nice garden can add a lot to the value of your house. But the downside of gardening is that it does create a lot of green waste and garden rubbish removal in London is not always easy. Top Waste are experts at undergrowth disposal, compost removal and in fact any organic waste removal. Because we are keen to always be environmentally aware, we make sure that garden rubbish removal is always taken to an appropriate disposal point in London.

Garden rubbish removal doesn’t just cover green waste, of course. In any garden tidy-up there is bound to be other bulky stuff whether it is old chairs, broken and rotting decking or fencing or even an old shed . We can remove anything bulky and if you are trying desperately to tidy things up but are getting frustrated by the mess in that neglected corner, give us a call and we can clear your decks so you can get going on making your garden grow. When you book a waste pick-up, you will find yourself looking around for all your discarded bits and bobs and you will probably be amazed at how much junk you have accumulated. Take the opportunity to really sort out your garden!

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