Oferujemy Państwu zakup szerokiej gamy Okna zywiec, okna pcv żywiec, Okna angielskie, Drzwi zywiec, drzwi żywiec, Rolety zywiec, Okna bielsko biała i więcej. Zajmujemy się produkcją i dystrybucją wysokiej jakości produktów, szerokiej gamy okien i drzwi.

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Our adventure began in 1996. From the very beginning, we were interested in innovative solutions. Much has changed during these 25 years.

We learned a lot during this time.

We are able to execute your order. Numerous realizations, gained experience and positive opinion of clients give us satisfaction. From the beginning of our conversation until the end of the implementation, we provide advice and expertise No matter what experience you have. We are ready to execute the order according to the order.

However, uPVC solutions became more and more known. Now they are the most popular. Price and convenience decided about it. We offer a wide range of products.

On our part we guarantee professional services, consultancy, attractive prices and a quick implementation.

The windows in our offer ensure security and energy efficiency that are highly valued by all of us.

Window frames are chosen for very long periods of time. You should trust an experienced company.

We have 25 years of experience in the window joinery industry.

The windows manufactured by our company guarantee great experience including savings on heating of your apartment.

Our credibility is confirmed every day by:

1. Very high quality products confirmed by certificates,

2. 18 years of experience,

3. References from our business partners,

4. Pictures of our accomplished projects,

5. The possibility to verify our work in Żywiec.

Our company’s objective, which has been pursued for 18 years, are satisfied customers.

In our offer you will find high-quality:

Energy-efficient window frames that are distinguished by aesthetic qualities and durability related to German profiles. Our offer includes: PVC, aluminum and wooden windows.

In addition, you can quote and purchase: Gates, Blinds, Doors as well as Windowsills.

The products provide security and satisfaction from everyday use.

We offer cooperation based on trust and reliability at a very attractive price.

Our focus is quality, since this is what determines comfort and customer satisfaction.

We provide durable, aesthetic, energy-efficient products that ensure security and satisfaction in everyday use.

We look forward to cooperating with you and you are encouraged to check our prices using the quotation module in our website.


Windows, blinds, gates, windowsills, doors

We offer high-end blinds, designed with a comfortable and safe house in mind. Owing to a well thought-out design and properly selected materials, our blinds guarantee effective protection against all external factors. At the same time they provide perfect thermal insulation.

They allow you to cut the heating costs in the winter season. Whereas in the summer your family may experience a pleasant chill.

Aesthetic looks and high-quality workmanship of the blinds make them suitable not only for private houses but also for office and historic buildings. The blinds we offer, through attractive designs and a wide range of colors harmonize perfectly with each interior. This allows to design interiors of various characters – warm, cold, elegant, playful.

We offer you high-quality gates that are safe and reliable. They rust-proofed on both sides.

Construction elements of our gates are made of zinc coated steel (rails, fittings) or zinc and

powder-coated steel (panels). They guarantee long-term use which is assured by a high-quality panel available in several versions: full steel segment, steel segment with windows, aluminum glazed segment, aluminum glazed panel. In this segments a special multi-layer metal sheet bending system was used, which ensures solid mounting of hinges.

The whole perimeter of gates is protected by a sealing system. They are also equipped with an insulation layer, made of the environmentally friendly CFC-free polyurethane foam, which isresistant to insects, bacteria and molds.

Our gates can be operated manually or automatically.

We provide our customers with:

state-of-the-art offer,

the highest quality of production,

professional customer support,

warranty and post-warranty service.

We offer high-end internal and external windowsills. Using modern technologies ensures

durability, including scratch, impact and wear resistance. At the same time our external windowsills show high resistance to weather conditions, such as water, humidity, vapor and UV radiation.


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