Cloud recruitment software is the best way to attract top talent and streamline the recruitment process.

The outlook for 2021 shows that it is likely to be a big year for recruitment. Some 70% of recruitment and staffing agencies surveyed by Tracker say that they expect their organisation to grow this year, which suggests in turn that there will be a surge in recruiters trying to make connections with the best candidates.

You can help your business to stay ahead of the competition by choosing a cloud-based recruitment software solution. Offering a host of impressive benefits, this software can help your business to attract the cream of the available talent.

What is cloud recruitment software?

A tool designed to make light work of the hiring process, cloud-based recruitment software is, in many ways, similar to the applicant tracking software or (ATS) or candidate management systems (CMS) that you are likely to already be familiar with. The key difference is that the software is based in the cloud, meaning that the software is accessed via an internet connection, rather than being installed directly onto your business’s in-house computers. By being based in the cloud, the software immediately offers your business the benefits of being far more accessible, scalable and secure.

As a cloud-based software solution, this means that you can easily scale your service according to the changing needs of your business. This can be particularly helpful for those agencies which typically see any seasonal fluctuations, as well as for those who are planning to expand their operations. It offers the superb security measures that cloud services are rightly praised for, and you can rest assured that all future software updates (including any vital security patches) will be installed automatically. As cloud recruitment software is an online solution, it can offer you and your team unparalleled accessibility. All that is needed to access the software is an internet connection, making it a powerful facilitator for your business’s continuity in this new age of remote working. This means that a cloud-based software solution is a great way to ensure productivity levels remain high no matter what the circumstances.

Furthermore, the software’s cloud-based nature means that it can enable collaboration among colleagues, regardless of their physical location, as all of the relevant files are stored centrally on a remote server. This feature also removes the need for hard copies of any documentation, making workloads more portable and helping to contribute to any green objectives, such as becoming a paperless office. This all boosts productivity, and, as with traditional recruitment software solutions, you can be assured that your data protection compliance requirements are met in full.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of cloud-based recruitment software is its affordability. Opting for cloud-based software means that your business is spared the expense of data storage and additional hardware, while the flexible payment options mean that you can choose between a monthly subscription or simply pay as you need. This makes it a powerful tool for smaller agencies who otherwise have been priced out of building the infrastructure needed to access the best software.

A cloud-based recruitment software solution is the best way to attract the finest candidates. The best software will offer scope for customisation to your business’s unique requirements, and offer you the tools you need to stay ahead of your competitors. The automation of routine tasks frees your team to focus on other tasks, improving efficiency and helping to build those vital relationships without the distraction of time-consuming administrative work. Automated communication is one such feature, streamlining emails and text messaging and so allowing you to improve your candidates’ experience of working with your agency, by ensuring regular contact. The software can also help you to increase candidate engagement, which all contributes to building a reputation that will guarantee you attract the best talent available.

For any agency looking to onboard the very best candidates, it’s evident that choosing cloud recruitment software is the ideal move. With the many benefits of a cloud-based software solution, coupled with tools tailored for recruitment, it really is the smartest choice for any future-thinking business. Why not explore the options available today, and get your cloud-based recruitment software journey started?