Online Hospital Management System to manage your clinic

Today in this fast changing pace of life internet has become a constant with us. It has entered every sector of our lives including the healthcare sector. Today the traditional system of patient visiting the doctor has changed and people are now booking appointments with their doctors online. The consultation is also provided online and medicines are also delivered at the doorstep of the patient without the patient having to go out anywhere. Today just like many other things, getting help from a doctor is also just a click away. 

Wondrx is the first company that has launched in India a platform for all healthcare workers to create a digital presence and to do business well. During the lockdown which happened suddenly and impacted on so many lives, this app was a saviour to several. There were several patients who needed medical care desperately and due to lockdown could not contact their doctors. Wondrx came to their rescue and it helped not only the patients get medical help from doctors but also nurses, physiotherapists, pharmacies and many more to do their business online, have a safe and secure and transaction and also serve their patients. 

The doctors benefit a lot from the Wondrx provider app. This app can be downloaded easily from Google Play Store and then the profile needs to be set up. Setting up of the profile barely takes some minutes. By doing this the doctor also becomes available to attract new patients digitally. The old patients of the doctor can easily use the app to book an appointment with the doctor but the visibility of the doctor increases in tremendous amount after setting up the profile and adding necessary profile tags. The reach of internet is huge and in this way the doctor benefits by getting new patients from all over the country. This app provides Smart Rx paper which is the digital version of the previously hand-written prescription. It will store medical records which the doctor can get easy access to. There are reminders for the doctor also where he will be notified to be available for his patient. Overall the app manages the doctor’s routine in a proper way and makes the interaction between the patient and the doctor smooth.