While exploring your options for organic and clean beauty products, you will likely find yourself wondering what your options are for hair wash products, specifically shampoos. The good news is that you definitely can find some products you like that have healthy, natural ingredients to them. There are some excellent products on the market and we want to share with you a few examples of brands that offer at least one type of organic shampoo in their collection.

Innersense Organic Beauty
An encouraging aspect of the organic and clean beauty industry growing is that it provides you with so many more options than what you had not long ago if you wanted to use strictly organic products in your routine. Now with brands like Innersense Organic Beauty, we have lots of options to choose from. Innersense alone gives you several different types of shampoos to choose from, each with their own specialized benefits. One for example, called the Color Awakening Hairbath, is formulated specifically to help those with color-treated hair to keep their hair healthy after being dyed or bleached. Another one called the Hydrating Cream Hairbath is meant for those with dry hair who need lots of hydration for their parched strands. It is a creamy, smooth formula that injects intense moisture into the hair, leaving your strands feeling softer and more loved. Now that we have so many products to choose from when it comes to organic shampoo and conditioner lines, we can all find the right products for our hair’s specific needs.

Meow Meow Tweet
For a little variety in your life, you could try a new application method for your shampoo. Meow Meow Tweet makes an exciting organic shampoo bar that allows you to cleanse the scalp and individual strands without pouring the product right onto your hands from a bottle. This zero waste product includes only a recyclable paper wrap to identify it, allowing you to go through bars without worrying about the buildup of waste formed by plastic containers. It is an easy delivery method that only involves scrubbing your wet hair directly with the bar to get the product onto your hair. This easy application method also makes it easy to control the amount of product you use so you never have to worry about accidentally pouring too much shampoo onto your hands and trying to get it back into the bottle. The Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo Bar is made of natural oils and butters to moisturize the hair as it cleanses. It is a more distinct application method for applying shampoo and one that we recommend you try out at some point for yourself to at least get an idea of what an organic shampoo bar is like and how you feel about it.

Tabitha James Kraan
Founded by a renowned hair stylist, this eponymous brand creates luxurious hair care products using organic ingredients. They have more than one type of organic shampoo, all of which are designed to cleanse the hair and scalp while also leaving it feeling hydrated. These are formulated by a professional in the industry to work as professional grade products, so you can pick these up for yourself knowing that you have access to salon-quality products in your own home.

Seeing as these are only a few examples of clean beauty brands that carry organic shampoo products, you should feel a little more confident now that you will be able to find some products that are right for you. You can find any one of these products listed on beauty-heroes.com, along with many other green beauty brands that carry high-quality shampoo and conditioner products.

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