Whilst all of us have been stuck at home over the last few months, the need of changing our old tiny windows must have spurred up in your mind. After all, we needed open air, sometimes sun-kissed days, and a view of the garden. For this, a small window cannot do any wonder for your overall health. On top of this, we were also deprived of traveling amidst nature and beaches.

However, the awareness may have also encouraged you to change the old times’ windows and walk with the new trends. Well, if that is the case, then take a tour of these 8 window designs that are going to trend and arrest eyes in 2021.

  1. Black window frames

    More than a momentary trend, black window frames are making a statement in the home design staples. Its clean, polished, and elegant characteristics have led the design to reach new heights. The design, that’s inspired by history and modernised for today’s homes boasts a quality look with long-lasting beauty.Furthermore, it is a way to balance the use of light wood with industrial leaning design components. They’ll provide you a dramatic look to your dining and living room from inside and outside both with any black shade. That’s the reason the architects, builders, and designers are recommending this design to every homeowner right now.

  2. Walls of windows

    Believe it or not, the demand for more natural light in homes is popularly increasing. The bigger the window is, the chances of grabbing more eyeballs are there. As well, this design allows us to have deeper communication with nature and the surrounding environment.Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling concept seems more functional and it is generally a technique to invite maximum sunlight to the home. In case you’re looking for a more functional approach, then adding large sliding glass doors to it would be an ideal bet.

  3. Windows with in-built seating

    A perfect place to have a cup of coffee and daydream! The in-built window seats are on rage since lockdown due to their space-saving, intimate, and stylish profile. Having such seats near your window will get you more close to nature, creating a relaxed mood.Even if you want to utilise the space for office work, to get intimate, or just have one-on-one chats with your bestie, then this is a perfect setting. You can opt for double-hung windows in the kitchen and bay windows in the living room. Lastly, if it injects more sunlight during summers, then window films are there to rescue you from heat.

  4. Acoustic windows

    After a hectic day, all a person need is serenity at home. Also, as more and more people are still working from home, the need to drown out the noise has become vital. But if you’re residing in a metropolitan area near an airport or highways, then you’ll find every passing day a challenge.Well, all you need is to install acoustic windows. With it, you can keep the noise away from your home, rendering you a soothing experience. Its high-end performance creates a quieter home, allowing you to work and relax serenely.

  5. Windows with counters

    Due to social-distancing guidelines, more and more people are hosting parties and getting entertainment at their home itself. If you’re one of them, then you need counter windows. This newer style window, that has a window placed above the countertop, is raging a lot, nowadays.Also known as party windows, this design paves the way to your exteriors. That way, you can place your cooked food and other items on the counter for your guests and enjoy your garden party.

  6. Entry door sidelights

    Those questing to create a more welcoming and eye-catchy driveway into a home, entry door sidelights are a perfect option to do so. These narrow vertical windows shine up to a door to allow light to come in and create a sense of openness.In ancient times, these sidelights used to come with frames at the edge of the door. But, traditions have changed now. And the trend is to bring in more fresh air and sunlight without border frames. Pondering on your home security? Don’t worry, you can lock your front door and still open the sidelights to feel the breeze.

  7. Mid-century modern windows

    Mid-century modern windows are the window styles of tomorrow. Today, many homeowners are restoring this design due to its popularity in clean lines, light-filled spaces, and embracement of modern materials.When focusing less on decoration and more on function, these windows top the position in everyone’s hearts. Further, installing them at your home means applying green technology that brings serenity inside the house.

  8. Corner unit windows

    This type of window allows you to have a panoramic view of your lawn from various directions. The 90-degree corner unit windows are energy-efficient, and adding dual-pane glass to them will help to keep your home comfortable all year round. When installed at your home, it will become the focal point of your whole house.Due to the modern materials used in it, homes are gifted with blur boundaries between indoor and outdoor scenes. With expanded windows, you’ll receive expansive views with energy-efficient comfort all day long.

Did you think about window security?

Glass is one of the most versatile elements in the building industry. It is prone to be a major way for intruders to gain entry to your home. As well, when broken, it can cause injury. Therefore, thinking about the security lines of your window is equally important.

However, security films are worth considering while changing your old-times windows. Made of polyester film, it is more durable, secured, and a viable option. With this, you will get an appealing home, protection from intruders, and a place to relax and enjoy.