There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to most things, but this is never truer than in marketing. In fact, even if you are marketing the same product as someone else, your approach to marketing could be completely different. And the kind of consumers you attract can also vary. Think Pepsi and Coca-cola. Though both offer sodas, they appeal to different kinds of people.

The same can be said when you’re marketing crypto. So here’s a crypto marketing plan that you can follow and switch up according to your needs:

blockchain marketing

Conceptualize your brand

Never skip this step. Cryptocurrencies are shrouded in mystery, and even some of those who already invest in them may not fully understand the blockchain technology that runs behind them. Without a clear concept for your brand, your crypto offering may be just another one that doesn’t stand out. The aim is to stand out enough so that your target audience recognizes you as their digital currency provider of choice, and without a clear brand behind your product or service, you can’t make that happen.

Create a marketing calendar

Marketing is not something you do just when you feel like it. For cryptocurrencies, in particular, there are dips to ride out and customers to reassure. Just recently, almost all cryptocurrencies experienced a sharp dip, from which most of them are still slowly recovering. You could take these instances into account when you create your marketing calendar so that you are publishing information when they are most needed by your audience.

Market your content

You already have the content you’ve planned; now it’s time to actually market it. Marketing your content eventually leads back to marketing your product or service, but it is also a way to entice those who may not yet be fully sure about investing in cryptocurrencies. By peddling content where they can’t see it, you can offer them information that will then convince them to try what you offer.

These are the most important steps to take when marketing crypto. Don’t forget to change things up depending on your target audience and niche.