Novel Mould is glad to present top quality and promising die moulding services to contribute to the growth and development of the manufacturing industry in Rajkot, India. A Diverse range of plastic moulding services is offered by our highly experienced team to provide reliable services to our precious clients. We have numerous years of experience in the field of manufacturing various types of dies and moulds.

Plastic Moulding:

The plastic moulding method is widely used in the manufacturing industries due to the rising demands for plastic products. The plastic products are produced by melting down the plastic and pouring it into the required shape of the mould. When the liquid is cooled down, it solidifies and cast out from the cavity. After ejecting it, the desires shape of mould is obtained which is used in the manufacturing of plastic products. Generally, plastic mouldings are used in the mass production of plastic products by the manufacturing industries.

Techniques to produce plastic mouldings:

There are various processes used in the industry for the production of plastic mouldings as per the requirements. Injection moulding, extrusion moulding, compression moulding, rotational mouldings, blow moulding, and thermoforming are few techniques used in the production of plastic mouldings.  Among them, Injection moulding is one of the well-known methods carried out by a wide range of manufacturing industries.

Nowadays, plastic has become a significant need in our everyday life because of its properties. Plastic products are widely used in most of the areas of the industries as well as in our day-to-day life. Thus, the production of plastic goods has reached a great extent. We at Novel Mould offer the best plastic moulding services to satisfy your requirements with convenience.

Plastic products are used in housewares, kitchenware, medical areas, technical fields, and other various applications. Thus, the demand for plastic products in the manufacturing industries is at a large scale. We offer top-quality plastic moulds to the manufacturing industry for the mass production of plastic products with ease and fast pace. Plastic moulding services offered by us will help you to achieve satisfactory production and great business.

Unique features of plastic moulds:

Here are some unique features of plastic moulds.

  • Accurate Dimensions
  • Innovative designs
  • Highly efficient
  • Standard quality
  • Robust
  • Durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Lightweight

Designing of the plastic mouldings:

Considering several important aspects in the designing of plastic moulds is an important part of the manufacturing process. The selection of materials, appropriate sizes, and shapes of the plastic moulds are studied in the designing unit of the plastic mouldings. We have hired a highly qualified team of experts to deliver the best and precise designs of plastic moulds. The entire range of plastic moulds is designed with accurate dimensions by our professionals. Our mission is to offer the best designs to reach the expectations of our clients. We are also engaged in manufacturing custom plastic moulds as per the requirements of the customers to offer pleasing plastic moulding services.

Advanced Engineering:

The latest techniques are used in the manufacturing of plastic moulds using advanced machines to offer premium quality products to our clients. With the innovation in technologies, advanced engineering equipment has come into existence to provide ease and convenience to the manufacturing techniques. We are glad to present our completely equipped house production with high technology machines and tools used in the manufacturing of dies and moulds. All kinds of plastic moulding services are offered at Novel Mould.

Quality Check Services:

The quality of our plastic moulds will never be compromised as we strived for quality to deliver top-class products to our valuable clients. All the products undergo a quality test as per the terms of standard quality management by the experts. A special team of quality experts is hired to perform quality assured services during all the manufacturing stages. High-quality raw materials are used to produce the plastic moulds to offer standard quality plastic dies and moulds.

We aim to be the leading plastic moulding manufacturer in India. We are engaged in exporting various kinds of dies and moulds with delivering the finest plastic moulding services to our precious customers in Rajkot, Gujarat.

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