Solar panel systems can also have problems. So, the best thing to do is to choose the most reliable and expert solar panel system suppliers in the UK for your homes and commercials establishments. Solar panels reduce carbon footprint. They minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and this is the main factor why people are fast turning to solar panels systems. Mentioned below are some of the problems that can crop up with solar panel systems:


  1. Hot spots on the panels- These are the places on panels that get overloaded. So because of this, they get heated up. This is primarily due to connections that are poorly soldered. There can also be a structural defect present in the solar cells.  All this can ultimately cause a short circuit, thus reducing the lifespan of the panel. This problem should be fixed up at the earliest to avoid any excessive damage to the solar panel system.
  2. Presence of micro-cracks- Microcracks is a common issue that is seen in crystalline panels. These microscopic tears happen not just during the production of the panel but also during their shopping. Carelessness during installation can also lead to these cracks. Over time these cracks can grow. For instance, due to season changes or thermal tension, these micro-cracks can expand in size. This will have a major impact on the solar energy production of the solar panel. As all cells in the solar panel are connected, this will trim down the energy production of the whole panel. In fact, a 2-3% shortfall in performance is seen due to these micro cracks.
  3. Snail Trail- This refers to the discoloration of the solar panel. This can be seen after a couple of years. There can be different reasons behind this. When you use the wrong front metallization silver paste, there can be an accumulation of moisture in the solar panel. This process leads to the release of acetic acid, silver oxide, and hydrogen. This process begins from the rear side of the panel. And finally, you will see snail trails on the panel. The whole solar panel becomes useless over time. The snail trails can even crop up due to microscopic cracks in a panel.
  4. Potential Induced Degradation- This issue can crop up due to voltage variations that happen between earthing and panel. The solar panel is earthed because of safety concerns. In several cases, it has been observed that the PIC effect leads to the acceleration of the aging process of the solar panel.
  5. Internal Corrosion- This takes place when the moisture gets inside the panel. The solar panel should be water and airtight. For this purpose the panels are laminated. But in case this lamination is not done properly, this can lead to corrosion of the panel. Visible dark spots can be seen on the panel. If these spots are dark in color, this means that the level of damage is more. It usually starts as corrosion on the sides and then spreads across the whole body of the solar panel. This problem should be nipped in the bud otherwise the whole panel will get corroded in no time.

So, these are some of the problems that can be seen in solar panels from the solar panel installers in Leeds. Make sure that you purchase solar panels from a reliable source lest you will face several issues later on. If you need solar panels installed in Leeds contact Warma UK who are the leading solar panel installers in Leeds. In case you feel that there is some problem with the solar panel, it is prudent to get it fixed up at the earliest otherwise the problem will become huge.