At first look, sod may seem just ordinary sod to you, but do you really think it is all to it? You may notice that it appears the same, unrolls the same, and even grows the same, however, the focal point is whether it is quality sod or not, and does it differentiate from the ordinary ones or not? Thereby, when you think to invest in quality sod, you need to have a closer look and do a proper inspection of its quality and consistency. There are some dominant characteristics that can help you to get high quality sod over bad and rotten one. You must keep it in mind that the knowledge for any product comes with the experience and long term usage. Thus, to have the best experience in sod industry, you must physically visit the sod farms in your area, as this will assist you to get the best quality sod for your business or home garden.

Top Qualities to Look Out in Sod Farms

The sole way to ensure whether or not the sod offers good quality is to be aware of all the qualities that one must look for in high-quality sods. Here are some of the best enlisted qualities you must always look for when buying sod in Atlanta:

1-     Soil Consistency

The moment you decide to get sod for your front lawn or backyard, you must take a measurement of how much soil the sod actually needs to offer for better results. When it comes to consistency, the sod you are looking to buy should have an inch of soil in it and not more than that. It is because the excessive soil will not let the roots of the grass to grow and reach the topsoil. On the other hand, too little soil will result in a lack of support for the grass until it grows fully, and this way also provides the root a chance to grow into the soil, right below the sod. You must know that the consistency of the sod is highly imperative for its proper survival that you are taking, or growing, especially in the hot summer days. If you look and it seems that the sod is falling apart, it is an indication that the consistency is not right and needs to be corrected.

2-     Proper Fertilization

When you are on a visit to a sod farm, ensure that the chosen sod has gone through all the fertilization processes. It is highly important as proper fertilization helps to keep the sod better in being drought resistant and less prone to becoming diseased. Moreover, a good fertilized sod will also influence the lush green grass, boost its color, and help it to recover sooner from any form of stress, including transplanting it somewhere else and uprooting it. At Atlanta Sod Farms, you will find well-fertilized sod that will keep your lawn lush, green, and happy. As a customer, you would not want to invest in a sod type that has excess or less fertilization as both extremes can lead to catastrophic results for your lawn.  Thereby, when the sod is secure in its place, you can then easily develop a steady timetable to fertilize it and keep it appearing strong and healthy.

3-     Maturity of the Sod

The best way to know the quality of any sod is to see its maturity level or whether it is still in the growing phase. If it turns out to be in its early ages, then the probability is that this sod would not be able to handle the wear and tear of transplantation. It is advised that you take a deeper look at the roots of the sod when you are on the farm visit. If they appear messy and in a tangled manner, like the web of a spider, then it represents high-quality. However, when they seem well knit together, they will have the ability to survive any form of rough handling by the owners. Additionally, it will be easier to tie them up together, cut them, rolled up, laid down, and transported them from place to place. To know the sod maturity and resilience, the mesh or the root’s thickness must be visible so that it can be easily established how it can get handled. Moreover, the grass needs to look consistently green throughout without any patches of yellow or brown. If it appears dull, it means either the grass is immature or diseased.

These are some of the dominant characteristics that will help you to differentiate a high quality sod from an ordinary one.