The vast RBI Grade B syllabus contributes to the toughness of the exam.

As you already know by now the RBI Grade B Exam is conducted in 3 Phases (Prelims, Mains & Interview), which comprise 4 written papers (1 in Phase 1 & 3 in Phase 2).

The paper-wise syllabus for all 4 papers has been provided below, but before I discuss that let me tell a bit about the three streams that are available for your choice for the RBI Grade B Exam as I have also listed below the syllabus for different streams.

The available streams are the General stream, the DEPR or the “Department of Economic & Policy Research” stream, and the DSIM or the “Department of Statistics and Information Management” stream.

Now the General stream is what the majority of the RBI grade B aspirants opt for. As for the DEPR and DSIM streams, they are opted for by students mostly specializing in Economics and Statistics, respectively.

Coming back to the updated syllabus for 2021, they have been a few changes in the Phase 2 syllabi of ESI (Economic & Social Issues) and FM (Finance & Management).

In the sections below, I have mentioned the latest syllabus for the RBI Grade B exams of all the 3 streams. The source for the syllabus of all the phases of all 3 streams is the official notification from RBI for 2021:

Clik here to Check RBI Grade B Phase 1 Syllabus