Digital transformation is one of the most widely spoken terms nowadays. Organizations that do not embrace digital transformation are soon becoming irrelevant. The Epicenter of all this is cloud and cloud-based technologies. For most organizations, especially with the legacy IT landscape, this is a challenging journey. It is like building an airplane and flying it at the same time. Here are the few challenges faced by an organization during Cloud Migration:

Initial Investment

Migrating to the cloud is becoming inevitable day-by-day, and the long-term benefits are obvious. However, getting there can still feel like an uphill battle. There is an immediate cost to make the migration itself, which can include:

  • Technical upgrades to your existing applications – making them cloud compatible.
  • Re-architecting & Refactoring of applications.
  • Proof of concepts to reduce migration- related risks.
  • Additional licensing costs.
  • Training, staff, and infrastructure costs.
  • Bandwidth costs, etc.

Lack of Strong Business case

End of the day, everything boils down to the business case. Standing from outside, it can look like a no-brainer moving to cloud. However, when it comes to the business case, most of the cloud migrations hit a wall. A few points we tend to neglect while putting together a business case include:

  • Not performing an existing IT asset rationalization prior to considering them to migrate to the cloud.
  • Not performing the right sizing of the current workloads before migrating to the cloud.
  • Not considering the reduced staffing cost after migrating to cloud
  • Cost avoidance due to hardware refreshes, etc.
  • Cost savings due to better resilience from being in the cloud.
  • Quantifying the value additions of being in the cloud.

Business disruptions

Like other transformational initiatives, cloud transformation can also cause business disruptions. The key is to minimize these disruptions by anticipating things that can go wrong and plan upfront.

A few key points that help to minimize the disruptions include:

  • Focus on planning – Leverage an assessment phase to develop a well-laid-out plan to manage the scope and level of business disruption.
  • Follow a phased approach – Break down the complexity into more manageable pieces over a period.
  • Identify and anticipate challenges, roadblocks and invest in rapid & complex proof of concepts early in the game.
  • Focus on automation, tools & validation.

Change Management

When it comes to transformational initiatives, it is often people who pose the biggest challenge. If the human element is left unchanged, you will struggle to execute any transformations. Some of the solutions to overcome this resistance can be:

  • Get leadership support – Your executive leadership is the primary factor that influences employee engagement and adoption, so you require a strong executive buy-in right from the start.
  • Develop a change management plan with a few key strategies that will work for your organization.
  • Choose intuitive & user-friendly approaches and solutions for better adoption.
  • Invest in training & support.

Here, at Suneratech, with more years of experience in executing large-scale transformational initiatives, we understand and empathize with our customers’ challenges. Hence, we built our capabilities focusing on how to address and overcome these challenges for our clients.

  • Zero Cost Cloud Migration to Azure – Migrate to Azure at zero upfront investment with our Zero Cost Cloud Migration (ZCCM) program. We will invest upfront in both Azure BOM (on behalf of the customer) and Migration Services. The customer pays us from the savings enabled after the successful completion of the migration.
  • No-cost Cloud Migration assessment report and consulting services leveraging Block 64 (, a Microsoft approved agentless tool.
  • No-cost “Maximize TCO savings” consulting leveraging our ITAR (IT Asset Rationalization) solution.
  • No-cost Rapid and Complex proof of concepts that ensure a safe and secure migration.
  • No-cost “Maximize Azure ROI Workshop” that leverages the Suneratech’s “Center for Digital Acceleration.”
  • No-cost “SAP S/4 HANA move workshop” – leveraging “S4Xpress”. S4Xpress is a Suneratech’s platform that accelerates your S/4HANA migration by 50% and reduce cost by 30%.
  • SaaS-based automated regression testing leveraging “CloudTestr.” CloudTestr is a testing Automation platform of Suneratech, that can reduce SAP testing costs by 60 to 80% and 4X quicker cycles.

Organizations looking forward to moving their infrastructure to the cloud can avail of our wide range of proposed models to get a hassle-free and scalable platform. Suneratech, with its years of experience in cloud computing, will provide a suitable cloud environment with zero upfront costs.

As a significant Azure Cloud Provider, Suneratech, by understanding your IT landscape, gives the appropriate and innovative solutions with its proven expertise.