2020 has been a turbulent year when it comes to books, from dystopian fiction and memoir to strong stories covering race and identity. Readers need good books to read as they offer an escape from all that is going on in the world and provide a small break from the mundane work schedules. The year’s best fiction book of the year offered many ways towards more excellent opinion and meaningful life escape.

Moreover, as the days mix together and minds want to wander, many readers search for gripping reads that catch their attention. While creepy short ghost stories in English may not turn out to be that much stress relieving as compared to extreme horror stories that bind the full attention of readers with thrills and chills going on in the whole body. Similarly, here are some best thriller books that can be read in order to instill the mystery spark:

  1.  The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold: The story revolves around the character of Susie Salmon, who describes anecdotes of the day she was murdered. As she’s in heaven, she sees her family struggle after her death unknown of what actually happened to her. The readers know all that the family isn’t aware which makes this novel an intense read that satisfies with amazing and compelling grace.
  2. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn: Touted as one of the best crime thrillers, the story revolves around the fifth wedding anniversary of Nick and Amy Dunne’s wherein the latter, who’s the pretty perfect wife goes missing. Nick, who is known as the husband-material suddenly gets evasive. But as the reader gets deep into the plots behind Amy’s disappearance, they realize there is something fishy that astonishes them. Did someone really kill her? Based on the novel, its movie adaptation was also made with the same name.
  3. The Widow by Fiona Barton: Distressed weddings have always proved to be great stuff of plot for psychological dramas and it’s a similar case with the author’s debut novel as it is a perfect example of a suspense thriller. The story revolves around Jean, who always stands beside her husband who always gets speculated of a perplexing offense. She fills the mysterious spaces of their marriage with the elevation of being a devoted and excellent wife. But as her husband is no more, she has no purpose to stay calm about the secrets she has and the lies she has told herself.

While reading fiction and romance novels are always entertaining, going through a few motivational books can be very beneficial when it comes to making those great changes the reader is craving in his life. Fortunately, there’s one hassle-free solution and that is to read the best self-help books 2020. To sum up, a reader must be acquainted with reading all types of books as and when required.