The multivitamin rich Macadamia Oil found in Oceania has become the latest gossip of the cosmetics world. Owing to its rich fatty acid, vitamins and minerals content, the oil is used widely as a haircare substitute.

The usage of Macadamia oil for hair certainly has proven effective to cure some of the days-to-day hair-related issues. Moreover, if used properly, the oil further guarantees naturally thick and shiny locks. Let’s try and get to know more about the goodness of Macadamia oil.

Macadamia Oil: A Closer Look

Derived from particular tree extracts found in Oceania, the oil is hard-pressed to extract the mineral salts, multivitamins, and fatty acids or Omega Oil present in it. The protective layer formed by these useful nourishing elements makes it an excellent cosmetic product for skin and hair. The oil is also known to exhibit regenerating and healing properties for decaying scalp or aged skin.

How To Use Macadamia Oil For Hair

The most common oil usage is its simple application as hair oil, but there’s more to it. This oil needs some advancement to work correctly. So without further ado here is a list of all the ways you can use Macadamia Oil for hair:

As A Massaging Oil For Scalp

Take 20 ml of any other hair oil like coconut, olive etc. and mix it well with the macadamia oil. You can also add 3 to 4 drops of rosemary essence to bind the recipe. Apply this blend using your hands from tip to scalp and keep massaging for a few minutes. A thorough massage like this would make your hair silky and revitalise the dried scalp’s blood circulation.

As A Lotion For Oily Hair

Prepare a Macadamia Oil lotion by mixing 20 ml of a teaspoon of lime juice, sesame oil and tea tree extracts. This blend would curb the excessive oil spurt on your head, thereby curing the greasy hair problems. And, what’s more, the lotion also helps in absorbing the good fats.

As A Fortifying Mask

Avocado pulp, when mixed with Macadamia Oil makes the best hair mask. Prepare a mixture of Avocado pulp and the oil in a cup and mix it really well. After blending it properly, fortify your hair into the mask’s layering and leave it be for 20 mins. Rinse it off using a mild shampoo and notice the shine and lush sheen of your hair.

As A Natural Conditioner

Mix the Oil with Apple Cider Vinegar and use it as a natural conditioner. This mild conditioner works ten folds more than the chemical one and costs comparatively less. Keep using it with a natural, less foamy shampoo to see the effects. Use this conditioner every 15 days and protect your hair from future hair problems.


The merits of Macadamia oil is unlimited if used rightly. Most importantly, these innumerable benefits come at the cost of almost nothing. All these ingredients and the method are all home-based and go well with today’s busy lifestyle. Use it once yourself and notice the visible change.